Brothers Campfire Remembrance of Veterans-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 62

A great war had been fought, 

Blood was shed and lost

Our freedom at life’s price bought

A hefty sum it cost

No price too high to break every chain 

For the weak and oppressed

Ultimate sacrifice, death fear and pain

Courage under fire expressed

The minotaur charged, the arrows did fly,

The dragons their fire did bring.

Forward marched evil, enslavement they cried,

To them we said, Let Freedom ring!

We fought all their imps, goblins and orcs 

and sent them limping home butt in sling

We toasted to liberty popping out corks

Our warriors roared Let Freedom Ring!

We looked at death square in the eye

We roll up our sleeves and we fight

There’s an eagle screams in the sky

Victory to all that’s right.

Today we honor the veterans of war 

And stand in remembrance reverent

Thank you to those near and far

Our respect we give most benevolent.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

8 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Remembrance of Veterans-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 62

      1. Benjamin says:

        You are a Warrior and a Patriot. We honor you and your service to our great nation. I am humbled that you would warm your hands at the Campfire!

        Emerson Berengar.

        1. Les says:

          Like most other Veterens I have seen things that most people will never see. I will never forget what these eyes have seen. Some was good. Others bad. Serving in the US Navy over in Vietnam was a wake up call for me.

          1. Benjamin says:

            Mr. Les, will you join our village of fiction?
            Listening to your stories is quite the addiction.
            From elders of war we long to learn,
            What can we do, your follow to earn?

            Galvin the Bard

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