Brothers Campfire Northwich Warrior Award -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 135

The horn has sounded. 

It is time for formation on the parade ground.

If you cannot find it, check your map


I am Commander Nicholas, head of Northwich Watch.

Commander Nicholas

I have been listening to what is being said, and actions that are being taken and I like what I see.

Some of you have faced fear and stand tall among the warriors. 


Fear is the enemy. Our job is to attack fear with every fiber of our being.

There will be no long preliminaries. When you are nominated, it is due to facing fear with written word. Boldly copy this banner on your site to demonstrate your pride as a Northwich Warrior. Boo that Fear!

Those nominated, step forward and receive your banner.

Meenawalia speaks of tomorrow’s fear and how to face it.

Love Heals For Reals tells us about faith over fear.

Vivek Singh expounds on facing the man in the mirror.

Martial Path overcame his fear of facing a physical opponent.

Colton eats fear for breakfast. He puts his homework assignments out there for the whole world to critique. That takes chutzpah!

Congratulations! Proudly display the Northwich Warrior Banner to show your valor in battle and inspire others to greatness.

In the words of Baldwin Mailer during the siege,  “Boo that Fear!”

“Boo That Man and Boo That Fear”

Baldwin Mailer

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

5 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Northwich Warrior Award -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 135

    1. Benjamin says:

      An army fighting against fear. Breaking chains of evil. Good to see you, soldier. You stand tall amongst the warriors.

      Commander Nicholas


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