Brothers Campfire No, Nicholas, Not Ridiculous -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 132

Emerson Berengar returned to Northwich to find a man secured to a tree. Commander Nicholas stood by, spear at the ready. 

One does not trifle with Commander Nicholas

In a stern voice Nicholas replied,

“Brother, this man came to camp and said he was an alchemist. I have been holding him for you. You know our track record with the King’s Alchemist.”

The tied man spat. “A charlatan. One who calls lead gold and reveals vile imaginations.”

Brother was interested. ” Do tell, alchemist. What is your name?” 

“Theodore, sir, I would be inclined to be more talkative if I were untied. The tree bark is chafing as much as the cordage.”

Brother was not one to undermine the authority of the town watchman.

“Nicholas, what do you think, Should we untie Theodore?”

Nicholas frowned. “I think he should tell us a little more first, but I will untie him.”

Brother was relieved at the outcome and invited Theodore to the Campfire. 

Brothers Campfire

“Everyone is welcome to our Campfire, friend. We are just a little on guard recently.”

“Ah yes, the siege….”

The Minion Seige

“What do you know about the siege?”

Theodore smiled. “We who work in the field of science are a tight knit group. There are few secrets amongst us. The King’s Alchemist opened a portal and assisted Lord Rainport in acquiring otherworldly creatures from another dimension.”

Otherworldly Creature
A Minion

Nicholas was not amused. “Witchcraft!”

Theodore was patient. 

“Nicholas, have you ever read a book?”

“Of course.”

“The words leap into your mind as you read them. Is this true?”

“Sure. Where are we going with this?”

“There is a theory that we are  like the flatness of a piece of parchment.”


“Ridiculous I look at myself and I am not flat. My spear point is somewhat flat, and the shaft is round. Would you like a closer look?”

The alchemist ignored the threat.

“No, Nicholas, not ridiculous. A story is played out in our lives every day, words leaping from page to an active mind.. What is your story?”

Nicholas was furious.

“None of your business.” 

“Regardless of your story, the King’s Alchemist merely found a way for another dimension to display itself in our lives in the same way we read a book and the words become alive.”


“No, Nicholas, warfare. Though we cannot prove it, The King’s Alchemist brought words to life in our reality, resulting in the minion attack. While he is a charlatan, he does have knowledge. he revealed vile imaginations that caused us much harm.” 

Brother chimed in. “That is an interesting perspective. I think if the King’s Alchemist was involved with the minions, he opened doors that were best left shut.”

Theodore agreed. It was obvious that he had caused a stir and Brother noticed he was uncomfortable. 

Brother changed the subject.

“Friend, you are welcome to stay in Northwich if you follow the rules. You are obviously a man of intelligence and I think you will be a fine addition to our town.” 

“You think much differently than me. Perhaps you can help me decipher the meaning of a story the Heron told me.”

Theodore looked eager. “Do tell!”

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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            Yes the northwich. I was going 2 do it today but i got nominated 4 liebster award plus i had school today

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  1. Ishaan Sharma says:

    I remember you said I would like Theodore. I sure do. He is intelligent. But I wonder what happened to Shepherd’s Crook man. I read the post where he is taken away but didn’t understand whether he died or not.

    1. Benjamin says:

      He left in the night with his sheep. He represents spritual authority and guidance.


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