Brothers Campfire Jeptha Roams -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 131

The moon wanes. I am weakened. I am Beast.

I make my way through the forest. I am silent. Not even a Heron warrior can hear me. 

The forest speaks to me. it tells me to run. I am tired. I walk. I smell mushrooms and rose hips. They remind me of gathering with Wispy Sapling.  Beast avoids them. I miss Wispy Sapling. I let her go so I would not have to harm an innocent man.

Beast talked to the Potter Man at Northwich. He says my words are too loud. No yelling he says. Potter Man says he saw me in forest silent walking. He says inside should be still and calm.

Potter Man took me to the creek and we gathered clay. Beast was muddy. Beast likes playing with dirt. 

My kitten grows big. John gave her to me. She is a good friend. She is still and quiet. 

Beast can read. I like to read. Shepherd Crook Man taught me. Beast miss Shepherd Crook Man. 

Beast go away for a while. Beast not like La Longi home much. Beast like Northwich but Likes forest most. 

(If you wish to talk with Jeptha Berengar, also known as Beast, feel free to leave him a comment.)

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

2 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Jeptha Roams -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 131

    1. Benjamin says:

      He is that kind of character. He has a learning arc that is positive. Je has learned to read, swordsmanship, self control, and a few snippets of wisdom from Shepherd’s Crook Man!


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