Brothers Campfire Nicholas’ Resolution-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 109

Nicholas had enough. 

“Men, it’s not mere thunderbirds who decide this battle as we are the fierceness of the north. Resolve today to break this siege once and for all! “

He let his words sink in and cried, “Charge!”

Those that had the strength to do so attacked the hideous creatures in melee. 

A trumpet sounded from the palace wall. The gate was opening! 

Knights sallied forth from the gatehouse and pursued the fleeing creatures, cutting them down. The thunderbirds departed, carrying off an apparent meal.

Lord Rainport fled on horseback. His steed was strong and reliable. 

Artist’s Depiction of Lord Rainport

The Captain of the King’s guard rode to meet Emerson Berengar Thane of Northwich. “It is over then. I have sent for men to tend to your wounded.” 

Emerson scanned the field for his friend. He expected the worse. As he looked where he fell, a red clad Jeptha peeled himself off the ground and ambled north. It was Jeptha’s way.

Emerson looked towards La Longi. ” What of the town? I heard it was overtaken.”

“Admiral Gryll is strictly business. His men and fleet have left the harbor. Come, you and your men are exhausted.”

“No, I have been sitting by a Campfire for too long. I have some business to attend to.”

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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    1. Benjamin says:

      Alas, James has been La Longhaied. It is a common practice to be taken aboard a ship and “encouraged to work.”


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