Benjamin Thiel’s perspective of watching my wife give birth

Hello, Benjamin from Beother’s Campfire here.

I originally posted this on Quora. This was the writing prompt.

Dads, be honest, did you find watching your partner give birth wonderful but revolting at the same time? Link Here

My wife had a stomach ache and tightness in her chest. She felt she should go to the emergency room. Everything was fine and they did a few tests just to make sure.
27 weeks along.


I had been there all night and was tired. It was about 5 in the morning and she was sleeping. I told her I was going to my dad’s house to eat a bowl of cereal and I would be right back. She was ok with it and drifted back off to sleep.

I went to dad’s. He is an early riser. We had a bowl of cereal and I pulled out the Sunday comics from the newspaper. I started joking about how women are with their “health problems.”


My cell phone rang. It was my wife.
Benjamin, she said calmly, they say they need to operate on me and it is not a big procedure.

I told her I was on my way and received a second phone call. It was someone from the hospital. “ if you want to say goodbye to your wife you better get here fast.”

I ran every single red light in town that Sunday morning.

She was already on the operating table but not under yet. I was told to say something sweet because she was not going to make it. The baby might, but it was unlikely. I told her I would see her on the other side and kissed her on the forehead. She clued in, very perceptive and I said, “of the operation.”

She went under and the dread hit me. I needed to be strong and I felt like a failure for leaving for a few minutes for a bowl of cereal.
A cut was made in her belly and I watched. It was surreal. I was sick with fear. A purple form was pulled out. The nurse said, I am sorry.

I felt like I was hit with a sledgehammer as I looked at the lifeless form.
I stated, “Jesus” in a pleading way. An arm lifted and the baby made a very slight noise.
“ get her on the table!” someone yelled. I was torn between the baby and my wife. A medical staff said, “You need to be by your baby, she has hope.”

Realization hit me. I was a father.
My wife made it. Barely.
79 days in the hospital and 10 months of sheer hell caring for my wife and child took a toll but made a man out of the comic reading cereal eating boy I was.

Wonderful, never revolting.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

111 thoughts on “Benjamin Thiel’s perspective of watching my wife give birth

  1. bullroarin says:

    Benjamin…your story is full of shock and awe. Glad everything turned out okay. God is so Good!

          1. Katja Kubiak says:

            😅 this was my German Answer to the guy which says “thank God”. 😇 i am happy your Wife and Daughter survive!

          2. Benjamin says:

            Ha ha ! I see! I am thankful to God and thankful for the medical staff! I am also thankful for my wife and daughter!

            In addition, I am thankful for you!

  2. Katja Kubiak says:

    Good to hear they both are fine. But dont leave the boy inside you die 🙂 he is a good Part of you, with this joke or not..

  3. Alice says:

    Grateful for science, modern medicine, quick thinking doctors and nurses!

  4. cheriewhite says:

    I can only imagine the fear, Ben. I’m so glad your wife and child made it. Nothing is impossible without Jesus there! And no doubt, He was in that O.R. with you. What a beautiful miracle! 💖💐🦋

  5. endorsum says:

    Life is strong in those who hunger for it. I am so happy for your wonderful family! ❤️

  6. Lookoom says:

    These doctors are really heroes, how come basketball players earn more than them?

  7. salsaworldtraveler says:

    That is very scary to read. I imagine would have been absolutely terrifying for you. I’m glad things turned out well (after much pain and worries I’m sure).

    1. Benjamin says:

      Me as well, Salsa World Traveler! I am blessed by the Best. I appreciate you, friend!

  8. Marlapaige says:

    I am so very happy there was a happy ending!
    Your presentation was phenomenal. I actually started to bite my nails and teared up while reading it. I laughed and clapped at the end. No more than a dozen paragraphs and I ran the gamut! Thank you.
    May you and your family stay happy and healthy in the New Year.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you Marla Paige! I appreciate your kind words! You have a happy, healthy year as well!

          1. Marlapaige says:

            It was good. Was asleep when you sent this, and I haven’t started today so I’m going to assume yesterday lol. Went to the dental school for the teeth cleaning they do which is agonizing, takes forever, and is generally a miserable experience. But it’s cheap, they do an AMAZING job, and they learn their trade so it works well. I was so tired I fell asleep multiple times. So I’d say, overall, that’s not a horrible way to spend a day with someone digging in your face. If you can catch some Z’s, no matter how unlikely, that’s a great day lol

            How has your day been?

          2. Benjamin says:

            Getting dental work done in any scenario is never fun for me. I am glad it was relatively inexpensive.

            We have a guest speaker at our church and we have been going frequently to listen. Other than that, I have been working at the prison as a volunteer coordinator.

          3. Marlapaige says:

            Dental work is never fun. But when you’re so tired you can sleep, it makes it less miserable.

            Working at the prison sounds interesting n

          4. Benjamin says:

            I have had a LOT of dental work. I would forecast much nore in the future for myself, but I am trusting God and a toothbrush!

            Work in prison is like working in a small town and being a social worker.

          5. Marlapaige says:

            Toothbrushes are good lol

            Is working as a social worker in a small town interesting work? I dunno…

          6. Marlapaige says:

            Anything that can hold your attention longer than five minutes is bound to be hard, otherwise it wouldn’t be interesting.

          7. Marlapaige says:

            True enough. But is still rather be challenged than bored to tears. Believe me, I know the second all tol well

          8. Marlapaige says:

            Different kind of bored to tears. This kind is the kind that can trigger you to end up in prison just for something to do 😂

          9. Marlapaige says:

            If you’re asking about anything more specific than what tomorrow brings, I don’t have an answer. I don’t write for work. I wrote because I enjoy it. So I just go where it takes me and try not to kick and complain too much lol

          10. Benjamin says:

            I liked to write about a Bard, a Beast, and a Brother in an ongoing story, but it has been a while.

          11. Marlapaige says:

            I’d be curious to read that. Is there a link or something on your page for it?

          12. Benjamin says:

            Mediation of disputes, coordination of programs, trash collection, it all happens in a prison!

          13. Marlapaige says:

            So you’re the judge, the city planner, the town hall? Next up: tax assessor!

          14. Marlapaige says:

            You have to cook too? Where is this place? It sounds like a resort! Do you turn down the beds too and put the little chocolates on the pillow? If so, please, tell me….how do I get in?

          15. Benjamin says:

            Ha ha! I am not sure that it is the resort for you. The price tag is high!

          16. Marlapaige says:

            Free. It costs free and freedom, but there’s always hidden fees lol

  9. Thattamma C.G Menon says:

    Congratulations 💐 your post “watching my wife give birth “ really amazing and
    Your happiness can view through this post 🌷🙏♥️😊Grace wishes 👍🏻👏

          1. Thattamma C.G Menon says:

            Most welcome 🌷🙏 here rain shine climate change and
            days fast moving 👌🌷😊 happy Tuesday 👏♥️

  10. Jeff says:

    That was intense. You were very strong, and everything worked out for good. Praise the Lord.

  11. Ryan Callahan says:

    What an intense experience, brother! Our daughter was born 1 month early. She needed oxygen for a couple hours, but then she was fine. So glad your daughter and wife were okay! God bless you all!

    1. Benjamin says:

      I am glad your daughter did so well! Bless you as well, Ryan!

  12. KT Workman says:

    Life can turn on a dime…I’m happy for you, and your wife and daughter, that all went well in the end.

  13. seekingdivineperspective says:

    Wow, what an ordeal! I can imagine you get shaken just looking back on that chapter in your life, evidenced by your calling yourself “Benjamin from Beother’s Campfire.” 😉 (From the blogger who for nearly a year called her blog “Seeking Divine Perpsective.” And unlike you, I had no excuse.) Your daughter is beautiful, and I am so glad you’re all still with us!

  14. Sheila D.Currie Blake says:

    What a mighty God we serve! beautiful baby. Thank God for the victory. I know the feeling they told me to abort my baby 20 years ago or both of us would have died. We made it by God’s mercy and grace. Its not about me, but i am just sharing my testimony. God is bigger than anything we can ever face. Blessings and Merry Christmas.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you for sharing your testimony, Sheila! Our Faith in God Grows! 🤠🔥

  15. Roger Baker-Utah says:

    A powerful, frightening, miraculous experience. I watched my 7 children be born, one by caesarian: the 7 most frightening and wonderful days of my life.

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