Marty The Motivated Mower

Hello Friends!

I feel motivated this first day of March! 

I really need a better camera. They keep breaking.

Today began with this scripture on my mind.

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24 KJV

Several months back, I was looking for an approach to express myself. The story of the Bard Beast and Brother had already been brewing in my noggin, but I was dabbling in other characters. I initially had the idea of creating singing tools and making music videos. 

The Fan Art That Really Motivated Me To Keep Writing

Unfortunately, I cannot sing that well.

One of my characters was going to be Marty, The Motivated Mower. Below is a song I imagine my lawn mower sings. There also is a link to the video I made at the end! Let me know what you think.

For you La Longi history buffs out there, You will see I called myself Jeptha. I had not yet attached that name to the Beast in my story. 

Now….. The Song

Marty The Motivated Mower

Full Throttle Briggs and Stratton

2 Horsepower all noise and action

91 in tank octane high

Outshining the others, I so fly.

Cutting up is this mower’s game

Plug got spark engine got flame

Cause I’m Marty The Motivated Mower

I’m a mulcher got a full size blade

Not a stock mower custom made

Not candy apple red not a show mower

I work for a living scooch on over

Lines to be cut grass in the bag

Push comes to shove don’t be a drag

Cause I’m Marty The Motivated Mower

Put oil the mixer gas from the can

I cut up the grass it’s my only plan

Go full throttle go full out

Bring your A game don’t sit and pout.

Cause I’m Marty The Motivated Mower

You Tube Link


Have a great day!!!!!

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  1. In Jr High I had a few stories about “Loretta and her faithful typewriter”… I’d write them on a shared typewriter and leave the paper in for others to find the stories. But they quickly devolved into all being about wandering into the woods and meeting a handsome lumberjack and his typewriter.

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