Marty… The Motivated Mower.

Hello. Benjamin From Brother’s Campfire here!

Fall is a lot of work and I discovered last year that raking the leaves is for the lawn mower. In my case, Marty, my motivated mower is the big helper.

If you are into ear pain, Enjoy this offbeat beauty! Marty Faces Adversity

The links are to poems and videos of Marty’s prior prowess. You can only find my YouTube here at the Campfire.

Anyway, here is how I rake with my lawn mower. I attach the bag and set the body low to the ground, slowly mowing.

I let Marty do the work and he picks up the leaves like a pro. The leaves go in the compost pile.

I compost nearly everything organic and these leaves are no exception. The mix of browns and greens is a little off, but when I mix the spring grass clippings in, it will compost quickly.

I wrote Giving Them Compost earlier this year to show how effective composting is. There is little left from the July batch in the above mentioned post and it started out as a pickup truck sized heap.

Sometimes, a pile of refuse is all you have to show for yourself.

In the right hands, life can spring up from a heap of what was to be bagged up and thrown out.

Topdressed Wheat

Well, that is Marty for you. He has been a helpful little mower and an instrument of purpose, something I aspire to be. I look up to you Marty!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

100 thoughts on “Marty… The Motivated Mower.”

  1. I read a lot about composting leaves and all in agriculture (environmental science )
    I have this subject as my foundation this year. Keep Posting blogs on it. It will help me with my projects and exams😁😁😁

    1. YouTube . It looks like you got it. All my material is unlisted and can only be viewed here.
      As for gold mine, you are not kidding. I have not read much on it. Perhaps I can borrow your books?

      1. I am not kidding. It’s very useful.

        Leaf composting makes a dark, rich, earthy organic matter that can be used like soil. It adds nutrients to garden soil and the larger particle size helps enhance the tilth and loosen compacted earth. Compost will also help retain moisture and repels weeds when used as a top dressing or mulch

        This is google saying…

          1. You already know this much but you still call it pile. So disrespectful.

            Just kidding 😜😜

            Anyway good job!! keep it up👍👍

          1. This days I am making funny memes plus writing my story and knitting a hat too. And online classes 🤯🤯

            My art is having a rest😴😴

          2. Now that you have said this. I wanna give it a try. My fellows will get something new, and writing about my hobbies and routine would be fun.
            Thank you brother Ben you are really resourceful. ♥️🌺

          3. Well I am worried about it. 😜😜

            Once again there will be my character 😁😁

            I like making story but I am idle in writing. I can’t explain properly. I don’t read many stories, I watch dramas. That’s why I can think but can’t write.

            Many times I’ve started to write a story but everytime I gave up. But this time my will power is bit strong. I’ll definitely complete this story.

            (After all my favourite dramas are my inspiration. How can I turn them down 😍😍😁😁)

          4. You may be surprised at the turn of events in my chapter.

            Write for you, Zahra. You can try something different than storytelling whenever you want.

          5. I don’t have any doubts about your story. It would be definitely surprising and amazing.🤠🔥

            I do write for myself. It makes me happy to create this story. Just because I am lazy in writing, I can’t say storytelling is not for me, right?😁😁
            Plus, I am doing something new. I’ve told you about YQ. I am making funny memes and quotes and many more writings.☺️☺️☺️

  2. Yay Marty. I mowed my leaves again yesterday, quite a feat for this far North on Nov. 2. And strangely enough, it was shirt sleeve weather. I put my shredded leaves in my garden to loosen up the soil. Composting grass clippings here is very slow due to lack of heat and humidity. Stay well.

      1. Carrots, beets, lettuce, kale, beans and tomatoes. Great lettuce and tomatoes this year, but all else suffered from an inordinate amount of rain in June and July and the resulting influx of slugs. The tomatoes are delightful. So sad to be back to the store bought cardboard….

  3. We wish we’d known this before we spent 3 hours raking over the weekend! But thank you for sharing and also for composting. We’re big on it too as it’s so good for the environment and helps our vegetable garden flourish in the warmer months.

  4. I love composting…even composted my cats kitty litter, which was shredded paper. Clothing can be composted as well, it just takes longer to decompose. I tried putting an old, worn out t-shirt in the compost pile once, but a raccoon or something kept dragging it out. Now I just put the old worn out clothes in the woodpile (not the wood burning pile). Just about anything that comes from the earth, can go back to the earth. Of course, it all depends on where you live as well…
    Reduce Reuse Recycle

  5. Loved Marty Faces Adversity! I watched it right after I clocked out from a hard day of work. I needed that laugh. Great job, nephew! 🤣😂

  6. I use the same technique. It’s also excellent for picking up rotting fruit, stones, twigs and dog turd. Strangely it doesn’t work so well on pigeon feathers.

    1. Thanks for sharing the experience. Duck feathers and down are tough to pick up as well. Fortunately, sparrows use the material.

      Nice to hear from you Tooty, I need to drop by and see what’s really going on. Great minds think alike you know. 🤠🔥

  7. Wow. That’s looks like lot of work and fun as well. It’s a big job and must keep you busy. We have small back yard and front lawn but still have lots of work involved. I can only imagine the hard work involved in yours. But looks quite impressive my friend.

    1. Mowers are useful tools!
      I am not sure where I fell off reading the great Beetleypete.Wordpress.Com

      It was my loss, that is for sure. Thanks for taking me back!


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