Luan Maryanne, Corey’s Girls Fisheries,Papua, New Guinea

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Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Luan Maryanne, an entrepreneur from Papua, New Guinea.

Luan Maryanne

Luan fishes and handcrafts jewelry by trade and is considering a crowdfunding campaign to expand her business.

She works hard to earn a living and gathers local materials to craft handmade ornaments to sell at local markets. Handcrafted items are a passion passed on by her mother’s side of the family. They sustain themselves from traditional crafts and Luan acquired these skills from her grandmother and uses them to supplement her income. She is committed to making jewelry from all-natural materials and does not care for synthetics.

Approximately 4.5 US Dollars Each

Luan started fishing and handcrafting at a very young age and her skills have progressed into a full-fledged business to include classical education. She is versed in USAID fishing practices and is working on her MBA.

Luan’s Family Works Together

The fishing industry is doing well, but it has its ups and downs just like anything else. She uses a traditional hook for hook method too and catches as many as 100 a day for resale.

Providing fresh-caught protein is beneficial for her village and she has reduced the need for the inferior canned variety.

The women of Luan’s village have improved their economic status as they process the fish further into other food products for distribution to other markets.

Luan is independent and self-sustaining.

Laun’s Fishing Boat

Between her and her husband, they have 80 years of experience in the industry and are considering outside investors.

I look forward to keeping you all updated on Luan’s business endeavors.

Some of Luan’s neighbors

If you are interested in her product or would like to learn more about her fishing business, you can contact Luan at

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  1. I think she is doing a great job starting it up with her husband and trying to push it up to the next level. i don’t no much about fishing. but I sure knows that agriculture is a very good business with a lot of profit and profit means a lot to a good business

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