Brothers Campfire Khofi Springs, La Longi -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 195

There would be no lashes today. 

Pontus Uritinus, Centuplicate under General Gallio Cordius Ferentinus was not in attendance for his insubordination hearing. It was likely Pontus was riding south to promote his own narrative of the recent battle in Carsiolia. 

At this time, there was not much to be done as there was a war at hand. 

General Gallio’s decision to resupply at Khofi Springs proved an advantageous venture. Large racks of fish dried in the sun, ready for export. The low prices and willingness to assist made him question the motives of Khofi Springs. 

Upon careful interview of locals, it was discovered that Centuplicate Pontus Uritinus had arrived earlier and hired a small sailboat to take him to Carsiolia.

It so happened that a local noble’s daughter by the name of Lady Lydia was taken as a hostage by him to secure the obedience of the populace when he returned. The details were not clear and no one wished to reveal anything to his men for the sake of the noble’s daughter. 

Lady Lydia

General Gallio was furious. Intermarriage had the potential for long lasting alliances, but they were tricky. Hostages on the other hand inevitably caused resentment and a feeling of helplessness in a population. Angry villages with nothing to lose and everything to fight for were dangerous.

Upon this discovery, General Gallio called a meeting with the nobility of the town to insist that he did not approve of his Centuplicate’s behavior. In addition, He insisted on paying full price for his goods. Soldiers lives would likely be preserved by this extension of civility.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

38 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Khofi Springs, La Longi -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 195

  1. herbthiel says:

    General Gallio seems like a knowing man. I hope Lady Lydia can be rescued before it’s too late. How did they capture her? Was she out somewhere that she didn’t belong? Had she escaped her bodyguards?

  2. dumbestblogger says:

    Remember Todd’s ringtone from Breaking Bad? “Lydia, Oh Lydia, where are you miss Lydia? Lydia the handsome lady. “

          1. Benjamin says:

            You will have to tell me who you would be. Perhaps by e-mail!

  3. TishGirl❤️ says:

    Great story! I love it! I recall you saying that you had a few ducks to name. Did you get round to that?😊


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