Galvin The Bard -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 165

Galvin the Bard, once again, was booked at an eclectic coffee shop. 

These were decent side gigs to supplement his earnings at the Puking Peasant Inn. 

Artistic rendering of Galvin at the Puke some days.

At the shop were a group of older scientists, with tenure at university who were currently studying entomology, the study of insects. 

The Enlightened Intellectuals Were There.

The Bard was bored. Libraries, literacy, learning lessons and little legged lilies were not Galvin’s genre. The scholarly seventy somethings were discussing the hexagonal symmetry of honeycombs.

They droned on and on about pollination of sunflowers and strawberry fields forever it seemed. 

It was almost show time.

Annoyed, and astonished at the averageness of his aggregate accomplices, John, Paul, Richard, and George, he sighed in aggravation and silently sobbed in contrite contrition. 

He rehearsed the music with them and they played a somber song in sadness. 

Come here bee.

When I find myself needing pollen, Blue mist spirea comes to me

Speaking to my senses come here bee

And in my hour of darkness the flower right in front of me

Speaking to my senses come here bee

Come here bee x4

Speaking to my senses come here bee

And when the honey less insects living in the world agree

Hey sis, I’m into filberts.

There will be sweet nectar, let it bee

For though my hive is hexagonal, there is a chance that you will see

All of the sweet nectar, come here bee

Come here bee x4

Pollen speaking nonsense come here bee

Come here bee x4

All of the sweet nectar come here bee.

Come here bee x4

All of the sweet nectar come here bee.

And when this bush is all dried up there is still

A scent for my need

Pollen for tomorrow come here bee

I wake up to all the buzzing the queen gives a stiff kick to me

Get my fix of pollen, worker bee

I got needs. Get my Fix, Worker.

Come here bee x4

Pollen speaking nonsense come here bee

Come here bee x4

All of the sweet nectar come here bee.

Come here bee x4

All of the sweet nectar come here bee.

The scientists were elated, elevated, emphasizing egalitarian equality abuzz with the bees. 

Galvin begrudging, beheld John, Paul, Richard, and George. They weren’t too bad. Perhaps he would perform with them again.

A bizzare quartet. They are looking for bees.

(Author Note. If you would like the guitar or piano chords, they are available upon request.)

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

15 thoughts on “Galvin The Bard -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 165”

  1. Wonderful. The bard is an asset to Northwich. Brother should hold huge concerts. It can be a nice source of income. Maybe the income can be used for setting up watch towers and barracks. Soon Northwich shall be greater than the cities of La Longi.

      1. Didn’t the bard live in Northwich and sing at the campfire where the heron tribe came to listen? I thought he only occasionally visited the puking inn.

          1. That is sad. Maybe development of Northwich will bring him back. Have you considered mining for minerals? Also, the destroyed city if Norrhwich might have lots of buried gold, treasure and valuables. Of course, unless brother considers treasure hunting ethically wrong, or if there are stories about the treasure being cursed. I would also consider integration of the heron people into Northwich.

          2. Those are all very great ideas, Ishaan!
            The Bard, Beast, and Brother have wildly different goals and ambitions. The Brother for instance would jave been content keeping his father’s farm.

          3. Well I think I am still at an early stage of the story. So don’t yet know much about them. But so far I felt that Brother seems quite ambitious in growing Northwich. I just reached the point where he was given the title of Thain and told to make his own banner and stuff. Of course, things will become clearer with time.

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