Brothers Campfire Gags while typing Affiliate Marketing

Hello Friends!

Though not posted, I have been writing on a regular basis for around two years.

Writing is a creative outlet and I find it theraputic.

During my time expressing myself in public, I have been asked how much I make blogging. My answer is nothing.

I have been approached by several companies that wanted to advertise on my site or have me write about how wonderful they are for a price.

I am fiercely independent and I have declined those offers.

Now that is not to say you cannot make money blogging or writing. I make a decent living writing incident reports and evaluations as a supervisor in a correctional facility. I have just chosen not to make advertising for others on my website an income source.

For those of you that see my abuse of the Oxford comma and my frequent misspelling despite a spell check, there is hope for you to be a successful writer and perhaps make a side hustle out of your website.

But now, I have a shameful confession.

Shameful Confession Face

This page contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

My resolve to keep Brother’s Campfire independent was going well until I recieved my very own Writer’s Block from The Dumbest Blogger.

A masterpiece from The Dumbest Blogger

I have the distinct pleasure of keeping my writer’s block outside of my brain with this nifty accessory near my phone.

To order a writers block, his email can be found at his About page. I did so and recieved this nifty price guide.

Hi Ben,
Thanks for your interest in our personalized writer’s blocks. Although these blocks are in no way personalized it sure sounds more professional to say that they are, so that’s what I’m going with. We are pleased to offer the following Writer’s Blocks to our loyal and appreciated customers. 


Authentic Western Writer’s Block. This writer’s block is made from rustic reclaimed barn lumber. $43.39 plus shipping. 


Luxury White Oak Writer’s Block. This luxury writer’s block exhibits all of the fine notes of an exquisite aged whiskey. Made from reclaimed white oak that has been aged over 75 years, monogrammed by The Author. $79.99 plus shipping. 


Rustic 2×4 Writer’s Block. Made from authentic reclaimed material, this writer’s block is perfect for the serious writer. $27.89 plus shipping. 


Classic Cherry Writer’s Block. This writer’s block provides an elegant touch of class, and is perfect for any writer whose work is lacking in taste or refinement. $52.29 plus shipping.  


American Writer’s Block. Made from genuine, reclaimed American materials, this writer’s block signifies American ingenuity and exceptionalism. $11.99 plus shipping. 


Old Time Reclaimed Writer’s Block. Perfect for getting back in your groove. $18.99 plus shipping. I also want to note that over the following month I will be offering all of my patreon subscribers who pledge over $3 a writer’s block of their choosing, entirely free of charge. 
Once again, I deeply appreciate your interest in these products. If I can be of any more assistance to you please let me know. 

Yours sincerelyDumbestblogger

Well, there you have it. Someone sends me free product and now I am an affiliate marketing sell out.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

70 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Gags while typing Affiliate Marketing

  1. dumbestblogger says:

    I appreciate your willingness to sell out. I have found it very rewarding, and I hope you do too. Your sales copy is simple and effective. Well done.

        1. Benjamin says:

          I also need to reconsider “Brother’s Campfire” I may be burning my profits.

  2. herbthiel says:

    Alas! I am cut to the quick! If only I had been more diligent in my business proceedings it might have been I who was the chosen one.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Absolutely! A large, marble writing block would be just the right thing for you!

  3. joshmol says:

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          1. Benjamin says:

            I will miss all the good times we had together here! You hating a character of mine and having a town named Khofi Springs, a girl named Lydia being kidnapped and refusing rescue, the bubble gum challenge, the ice bucket challenge, the singing challenge, the running challenge, all build strong bonds. You spent 10 weeks with my family and have been reading the Bible with them. You are loved and appreciated little sister. There will be an empty place when you leave.

          2. Lydia says:

            Btw… I did finish reading the new Testament plan.
            Do you want to be on my bcc once a month group email update list?

          3. Benjamin says:

            Absolutely! My snotty nosed sister is growing like a weed!๐Ÿ˜

  4. hcmorris77 says:

    hmmm…I have a round tuit! Actually it was my dad’s, given to him by mom
    “We are pleased to provide you with your personal Round Tuit. Guard it with your life, These Tuits have been hard to obtain, especially the round ones. It is an invaluable item. It will enable you to be more efficient. For years people have said, “I’ll do this as soon as I get a Round Tuit.” Now you have a Round Tuit of your very own and many things should be accomplished.”
    Great play on words!

  5. Petra says:

    Great job on finally selling out! I haven’t managed that step yet, because the only website with a relevant affiliate marketing program that I actually use says I don’t have enough monthly views. ๐Ÿ˜…

    1. Benjamin says:

      Ha Ha! I only do work for The Dumbest Blogger. Writing is a passion, and I would need the right incentive to place an ad!

          1. Petra says:

            I’m currently focusing on Patreon and being awesome instead of marketing haha

  6. Sanjana Singh says:

    Your writings amazing. i love reading it. Maybe one day you could publish your own book. Tell you what I’ll be the first one to buy it.

          1. rue202 says:

            What hike? Don’t think I’ve read that particular post yet.

          2. rue202 says:

            I’ll probably still be awake at that time, but can’t guarantee that I’ll be on the computer, but I’ll definitely try to be!

      1. luisa zambrotta says:

        What was I doing in your spam?๐Ÿ˜ To tell you the truth, it’s a problem that I sometimes have too, so I’m always very careful before deleting the many real spam messages that come to me

        1. Benjamin says:

          See.. At this time, 99 percent of my comments are legitimate. It really frustrates me when I have time sensitive posts where I ping my location during a hike and people get left out. Have a wonderful Sunday friend!


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