Willow Manor Family Time

I am Benjamin from Brothers Campfire.

Yesterday, I ran off two older teenagers who were throwing baseballs at my son and his friend. I was in awe at the blatant disregard they had and am disturbed at what the future may look like for them. (We have had several interactions before like flipping us off as they rode by in bicycles, but we ignored that.)

There will be no going over to “talk to dad.” This formula does not seem effective in many cases.

I will contact law enforcement for all future interactions. Documentation has assisted me in similar endeavors both at work and in my personal life.

So, back to work it is.

Fall is here and surprisingly, no snow has fallen in my neighborhood. Out There Colorado had my hopes up for a wet one.

I am not sure about the rest of the state, but it has been mostly mild since this September sensationalism.

The lack of moisture has necessitated drastic action here at Willow Manor. I have left my wheelbarrow improperly stored to increase the chances of getting snow. I am not sure if this works, but when I turn on my sprinklers it nearly always rains.

My Wheelbarrow

Today was pretty nice. We went to Hobby Lobby for art supplies and to window shop.

My Beloved likes detail work so we got her some fine-tipped brushes, and my son wanted to try his hand with a fountain pen with a newfound journal from the Dollar Tree.

5 Dollars at the Dollar Store

My daughter is currently all stocked up so she got a few stickers for the many cards she sends to folks.

We went to Willow Springs Ponds with Chinese takeout for lunch. The place gets a bad rap , but for me, the food is quality and well worth the price.

China Cottage, Fountain, Colorado

The squirrels were fearless and fat, ready for harvesting, … Ahem winter. We discovered they like tic-tacs and we had a good laugh about it.

Other than leaving my wheelbarrow out to attract water, I am not superstitious. I read my fortune cookie for fun and moved on.

I did something daring.

I looked into the soulless eyes of a Canadian goose and spoke to it. It approached, ready to rend my flesh with its beak.

Now, with a few exceptions,Canadians are very chill, and with good reason;

All collective Northern anger and frustration is absorbed by these waterfowl when they are in Canada and these geese fly off with it. Then, they seek a victim to unleash it upon.

If you have never been attacked by a goose, you wouldn’t understand.

I did the smart thing and respectfully gave it space.

Perhaps I will try something daring on another day.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

45 thoughts on “Willow Manor Family Time

  1. Ryan Callahan says:

    I’m sorry to hear about those teenagers. Glad your son and his friend are okay. This world is going totally crazy. I would love to be back home in Colorado and be there for the first big snow. I miss CO so much my heart feels broken. Praying protection and blessing over your family. God bless you all!

  2. Herb says:

    It said do something daring not reckless to life and limb, haha! I think the authorities are the best solution in your case with those young punks.

  3. Terveen Gill says:

    It’s always great to read your posts. Bad and reckless behavior can never be condoned. I wish you a great festive season ahead and hope that you keep warm from the cold and snow. That goose does look dangerous. πŸ™‚

  4. Jeff says:

    Dude. Geese are freakin’ mean, man! Love the sticker. Oh, and I have a fortune cookie fortune taped to my desk, here. I got it at least a decade ago, probably longer. It says, “You shall soon achieve perfection.” It’s the only fortune I have ever kept.

    Needless to say, this has not happened, yet. I think they must be using the word “soon” in the biblical sense. You know, like Jesus does at the end of Revelation?

  5. kagould17 says:

    Yup, there are some youth who like to be S— disturbers, just for fun. Talking to Dad would likely have the opposite effect you want. As to Canada Geese, they are also mean when they are up here. No need to absorb any meanness from Canadians. They protect their property, their partner and their progeny with unparalleled fierceness, oh and they are also poop machines. We once got used as a gosling training exercise. We were walking along a path when some chubby young geese came straight toward us. Mom & Dad waited for just the right moment and then hissing and flapping, drove them back away from us dangerous two leggers. Goose parents are fun to watch as they are like human parents were before social media. Happy Sunday Benjamin. Allan

    1. Benjamin says:

      Ha ha! Thanks for sharing your experiences Allan. I always appreciate when you stop by! 🀠πŸ”₯

  6. 9siduri says:

    Some years ago, I was eating lunch in my car and reading a book at a park. One of those polite Canadian geese came and banged its beak on my car door. How very un-gooselike. Maybe I was in his parking spot? I, too, gave him his space by rolling up my window.

  7. YouLittleCharmer says:

    Sorry to read about those troublesome teens – but great to have an update from the Campfire! Have been missing them πŸ‘πŸ–€

  8. hcmorris77 says:

    I had a dead goose honk at me once! My dad and grandfather had been out goose hunting…back home, they were plucking feathers and what-not. I was outside playing, and my dad asked me to come other and press down on the dead goose’s chest – I did – it honked! I went about 4 feet in the air, my dad and grandfather were rolling!! I was about 3 or 4 years old…

    Karma will get the neighborhood bullies. Keep documenting what they’re doing!

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thanks for the encouragement on the bullies.

      I think perhaps ducks are on another dimensional plane of existence! 🀠πŸ”₯

    1. Benjamin says:

      πŸ˜‚ Haha, We thought so as well! Sometimes it is the little things that make foe an amazing experience! You are a blessing, Cassa Bassa! 🀠πŸ”₯

  9. JPC Allen says:

    My college had a pond which they kept stocked with a pair of swans and sometimes domestic geese. Crossing the bridge over the pond was the quickest way to get from the dorms to the quad. A swan would sometimes park itself as the head of the bridge and hiss and attack college students who tried to sneak past it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    As a Canadian who now lives in the USA I must let you know that you are correct about the geese.
    As a school professional, I can also attest that ‘talk to dad’ (or guardian) is rarely worth the time.
    Living in northern MN, we FINALLY got snow last week. It has been so unseasonably warm here!

    1. Benjamin says:

      Hello anonymous! Thank you for affirmation on the geese! I have tried the dad thing and it has not worked. I wish it did.

      I wonder when it will happen here. I want snow.

      Welcome to the US ! As you are anon, I am not sure how long you have been here, but the welcome is sincere!

  11. za says:

    Mmm Id say General Tso but for the seedsπŸ˜€a good read, great to see and hear you! I will, be back for sure. Thank you

    1. Benjamin says:

      Not into the seeds, eh? Thank you for the feedback! I will have to visit ZA a little more!

      1. za says:

        Oh just to clarify, cause sometimes I tend to be unclear I like seeds I was alluding to the it being sesame chicken Caesar general tsoπŸ˜€

        1. Benjamin says:

          I see.
          Well, you are welcome to join me here for conversation or use my contact page. I would admire to know your perspective!


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