Digging a Hole To Come Out On Top

Hello, Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here!

With hobbys like mine, I can forevermore be a child. I have been hard at work building a pond with the ducks.

A small hole

I recently shoveled out the muck and dug a deeper hole for myself, reflecting some aspects of my personal and professional life.

Digging a Deeper Hole

My Beloved, in all of her grandeur, made me my favorite cup of tea, Bengal Spice, a favorite of my late Grandmother. It was a wonderful respite from my work.

My Beloved is working tremendously hard on her business and does not have time to play in the mud. Her persuits are much more refined than this uneducated rifraf.

My Beloved Picking Raspberries At Willow Manor

In addition to her business, she has been working on decorating the living room. Here is a photo of her handiwork. I am quite proud of her.

Upon conclusion of work and I went inside and was promptly turned away.

My dirty gardening clothes were rejected and I was ejected from my living quarters here on the estate. I was compelled (forced) into manually laundering my clothing outside.

I must say that all attempts at rebuttal were rejected with logic.

This is after the spray down.

I am very thankful for the presence of a wash machine as the prior processing of pantaloons would have been unpleasant.

Me Pre Washing My Clothing

Perseverance in promoting and preening my platypus looking pluckers will undoubtedly profit with the prominent chance of a panful of the palatable.

That means if I take good care of my ducks, I may get some eggs before you know it.

Well, all my work was necessary for the present. You see, I have a family member who has turned one this year and Willow Manor was more than pleased to host a get together around Brother’s Campfire. Deenie, a local celebrity provided live entertainment and played the guitar for the event.

Deenie, Vocalist and Musician

A large group attended the party and my Beloved was an excellent hostess if I must say so myself.

The function went well. To me that means there was food and no arguments that led to physical altercations. Those kind of functions raise my blood pressure.

Birthday Party At Willow Manor

For those of you that like to hear about the local celebrity gossip, here are a few who attended.

Abigail, Teacher and Former CSU Record Holder For Track


Tong Z. Local Inventor. This man can do anything. Just ask his wife. Or Me. This guy is my best friend.


Amber, my adopted sister. She brought S’mores


World Renowned Blogger Herb Thiel from Prudentia Sit


Natasha, Russian Translator and Bearer of Ice Cream


A 12 year veteran of life fast and agile enough to catch a wild rabbit out in the open.

Overall, the turnout of these upstanding members of the community were a warm welcome to the celebration of one year of life. Soon, we will have S’more.

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

37 thoughts on “Digging a Hole To Come Out On Top”

  1. Very cool … I always feel like – we have our blood family we are born into… and then along the way we gather more who become family even without the blood …

    And moments in life are what is all about ❤️

    Looks like you have a great little group there!

    1. Sometimes family chooses you, Trisha. We do have a really great group and it is ever growing. You are a spirited, high energy individual and you would fit in well with us!🤠🔥

      1. Well this is very true! lol it does kinda just happen like that.

        Well I am strong spirit yes…

        I don’t think high energy though?

        I have a energy to me yes… I appreciate and love life – but is not a high energy… more of a zest maybe? I am zestful lol ✌️😄

        I do well at my job and connect with people in general because I have a severe soft gentleness and although I do have a fire sometimes … my energy level is generally calm.

        I “can” be a whirlwind sometimes, because people connect with me really REALLY fast lol or maybe is me connecting with them ? I don’t know?? I think that is because I cherish life? I do breathe life, so I do have that spirit – is just slower calmer not really high energy

        But I will say… sometimes there are people who will bring out an excitement? They light a incredible spark? So I dunno…

        I probably would fit right in. 😊✌️you seem to have a bright and fun group

  2. Oh no! You’re so getting it big bro!! Haha I enjoyed the celebrity list family is the best.

        1. Ha, ha, yes, I did say fruit, but “if the shoe fits”. 😂😂🤣. Seriously, he is a blessing, just like his dad.

          We had an amazing time. Thank you all again!!!! 😀🎂🍔🌭🦆🦆🦆. Looking forward to the next gathering. 👏🏽👏🏽

          So humbled that the guitar playing celebrity is my “nut,” sorry, “fruit.” 😎😎😎🤣😂🤣.

  3. Hi Benjamin,
    What a great post. Loved seeing your work on the farm with such a great family and community! Really fun pictures as well! Thanks for sharing. ❤️ Cindy

      1. Awww I’m so happy to do so Bejamin and how kind of you, thanks. It was my pleasure. I’m ready and I’m hoping to post a mini workout tomorrow. Thanks for the plug. lol. ❤️🤗 Happy Sunday! ❤️ Cindy

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