Brothers Campfire Rages

Hello, Benjamin from Brothers Campfire here.

While drinking a cup of coffee this morning, I learned that a Massachusetts woman let loose a swarm of bees on the police.

That is pretty evil and gives new meaning to a police sting.

It is so much more evil that a grandmother and her daughter went out partying after their toddler went missing.

My first thought was, well, they were stressed out and went drinking, but further reading demonstrated they were having a good ole time flirting and asking for phone numbers. The mother is a suspect in the case. What is wrong with people? This is completely unnatural. I hope with everything they get enough evidence to prosecute the guilty.

I had my mind on several things to write about and got stopped right here. This is troubling.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

26 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Rages

  1. Under the mask.. says:

    Troubling indeed. Sometimes, I click right out of the news and come back / into WordPress because sometimes it’s rather hard to remember how few of us, overall, act evilly.

      1. Under the mask.. says:

        I hear you. Anything to do with especially children being harmed or neglected is like a hope-slayer — at least for the day. But our loved ones depend on us to get past it for their sakes, and so (if there’s nothing we can do about something except pray and love harder), we look to tomorrow’s filling up of that drained well.

      1. Homemaking in the Dunes says:

        It is sickening. Another reason I refuse to work in social services, it is terrible to witness child abuse. Then you would have to wait for a supervisor to call into child protective. I always made the calls myself.

  2. River Dixon says:

    The story of the toddler is indeed troubling. But not surprising. Considering how our society continues to move the goal post of devaluing human life. We are well on the way of murdering children in the womb at any point in their development. If you can do that, why not be able to kill a child at any time after birth? Maybe she simply decided she wasn’t ready to be a mother. Or needed to focus on her career, who knows?

  3. Dawn Renée says:

    People are sick. They do not think right, love right, conduct themselves correctly, I think some reach an age and devolve in every way (not everyone, of course). That little boy looks so sweet. I HATE TO THINK OF THE LIFE AND DEATH HE HAD WITH THOSE PEOPLE. I see why you got stopped up.

  4. hgamma says:

    Wichtig ist, dass man vor dem eigenen Bösen auf der Hut ist.

    Mit dem Fingerzeig auf die Bösen anderen, meint man sich als die Wahren und die Guten.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Yeah buddy, unleashing bees on cops is evil. So is partying after your child goes missing. I will call evil what it is.

      1. hgamma says:

        Es ist ganz einfach mit dem Finger auf das Böse der anderen zu zeigen.

        Ich bin nicht Ihr Kumpel, erzählen Sie was Sie wollen.

        1. Benjamin says:

          Hey, I see you are not my buddy. I also see that you must be malevolent. To each his own. At the moment, I equate you with evil. There is another finger pointed.

  5. Omatra7 says:

    This is why I stay away from news 🗞

    Cause people do things like this

    The Massachusetts one – is from western mass so I can see that crazy… that’s backwoods crazy

    The other thing – loss of child while acting like nothing reminds me of Casey Anthony which completely turns my stomach

    None of these stories surprises me… I just stay away because people be that way

    And they either get away with it or slap on wrist

    Whoopie … only makes me upset so I stay away from news media – they are negative and will show you worst of worst of humanity … instead of building spirit and suggesting possible solutions – they just want to make you all riled up – but what you gonna do? And government allows it. 🤷‍♀️

    I can’t do a lot of news stories of sadness of humanity… so I just stay away from media and social media

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