Brothers Campfire Book Learning -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 27

Coffee is on. Ahusaka told an interesting tale last night. Travelling to the stars on a stick of fire. Indeed a novel concept. One would wonder where such legends come from. 

It is a hard time for Jeptha right now. I gave him instructions on what to do when things are bothering him. 

 Stewart is a magistrate in La Longi. He has cared for various creatures with ailments in the past and is a good resource. 

Stewart informed me that some animals and some people are hypersensitive to outside exigent circumstances such as humidity, pressure, temperature, gravitational pull, etc. He believes that Jeptha has unique abilities due to what he defines as a disorder. Disorder is right. I have known Jeptha for a long while, and I mostly concur. 

Stewart the magistrate is cynical about “a lycanthrope bite” as am I. I will say that when I met Jeptha while playing outside as a child that he indeed conducting himself in an unpleasant fashion. He walked on all fours and was ferocious when touched. Part of me does not find Jeptha to be human.

I am committed to being Jeptha’s caretaker to the extent of moving out to Northwich. I have been here for a year and have a lot of things settled. I am seriously considering selling my properties in La Longi and moving my family here.

One concern I have is education for the little ones. On the “edge of civilization” I would still like my children to be imprinted with a basic knowledge of reading, writing, and problem solving skills. 

It would seem that the Man with the Shepherds Crook may have some insight on this. I will ask.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

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