Brothers Campfire About Me

Hello! Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here!

Today, I feel the need to do some housekeeping to bring as much clarity as possible as to what I do here and why I do it.

I have been taking notes ever since I was a little kid. Like 1st grade little. I have a large rubbermaid box full of notebooks of Cub Scout material, church notes, personal reasearch, journals, ect.

I also have several hundred pages of extensive notes from my various jobs.

This does not include the many hundreds of reports I have written during my career as a peace officer.

Writing has been a passion for me since I discovered the alphabet more or less.

I thought very little of writing fiction although I read a good bit of it growing up.

This game changed that for me.

It started innocent enough, walking around and finding virtual mines and resources by GPS and getting fit in the process. In reality, it was wasting my time, but I still wanted to play. I really cut back walking around with my phone looking for resources in all the wrong places.

There was a chat option to trade so I decided to write poems for ingame cash donations. Some folks wanted scary so I wrote a little of that too, so long as I could get a donation and play the game. A Bard and a Beast were born. Naturally, the requests went to the lowest common denominator and needed regulation and the Brother was necessary. Some of you have met this character.

Any way you look at it, new outlook on writing was born for me. While I had written a fair amount of poetry, I had never written stories until this point.

After listening to some preaching, I let a lot of my time consuming games go, but I took a few friends with me.

Some friends of note were the Bard, Beast, and the Brother. I knew these three characters very well from experience and the Resources game.

Fan Art That Inspired Me To Continue.

I started to blog about these characters on Blogger, but they did not seem to mesh well. After 50 posts or so, I took everything down and began journaling with their fictional lives by exaggerating experiences and putting them in a fictional world.

My father, Herb Thiel has been writing for years and I pitched the idea of writing from this perspective. He had seen some of it and thought it was a cool idea. He proposed the idea of a self hosted WordPress site.

I did not wish to paint myself into a corner and called it Brother’s Campfire. I am the oldest with younger siblings, so it fit the bill. My dad was handy with the nuts and bolts of web design and titled me The Storyteller.

And so I began a journey into something I had not really done before, telling stories.

I knew nothing about the WordPress app other than it was an excellent way to tell stories on the go with the handy tools it contained.

I started looking at the analytics and noticed only my few followers from Resources and my dad were reading it, but I was totally cool with that. After telling a few friends, my email list began to grow.

Kristian Weigman was the game changer. She was my first WordPress follower! She showed me how to find other blogs an reach out to people with like interests.

Steadily, my fan base grew. I began incorporating bloggers into my story by reading about them and having them participate. I also had my characters give out awards.


My interest in my Bard Beast and Brother stories waned and I wrote posts about it well after I was interested.

I went on to what I was more familiar with, day to day journaling, how to tutorials and fun stuff I had been doing.

What I did not realize is that when I put material out and began responding to comments and emails, I was building a community; in some cases, new family, much like Northwich in my story.

There is a sense of belonging that comes to being part of the village and the Campfire, especially if you are written in the history of it.

This sense of belonging to a fictional world spilled over into real life.

Some folks started coming to me with complex concerns in my contact page (which is ok) and others started adopting me as their real brother. (Which is ok as well)

I kind of marvelled at this transition but accepted it. It follows my line of work.

Here is my disclaimer.

(I am not liscenced in any type of counseling. I will refer you to Jesus. If you become wildly successful from my opinions, remember us little people from Northwich, La Longi. )

So, that is my houskeeping. I hope it answers a long line of questions I have recently recieved.

(My interest in storytelling has revived by the way.)

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

147 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire About Me

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thanks Berina Berrry! Just noticed the 3 Rs in the name. I love to write. It is nice when folks like to read what you wrote as well!

  1. Nourish says:

    As a writer myself, I love hearing other writer’s origin stories. Thank you for sharing yours!

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you Nourish! I am sure you have posted about it. Would you leave a link to your origin story here?

      Also, we are a little hungry. Any suggestions?


        1. Benjamin says:

          Way cool! I am tied up right now, but now I can swing by and read when I have a chance!


  2. kagould17 says:

    Many thanks for the context and clarity. Also, thanks for your follow and likes. Stay well. Allan

  3. Carla says:

    Definitely you have the skills to continuing your writing, keep on this path 👌🌹thank you for sharing it 😊👏

  4. douryeh says:

    Writing has a very similar role in my life, since young age: Journaling, poetry, fiction efforts, and, since recently, planning. I’ve learned to make a plan for myself & stick to it. Writing keeps me focused.

  5. ashok says:

    So good to know you Benjamin. I too am more of a Life Coach and can relate to you completely.

    All the very best.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Life coach is a good set of words, Ashok. I had not looked at it that way. Thanks, Friend! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  6. Cindy Georgakas says:

    Understood Brother Ben. Thanks for the clarification, Niow I get my role in the campfire. You gotta know, when you sent me some links, I opened but didn’t get the connection due to time and not being a speed reader. ok so drop and give me 20 and then report back as i wear many hats here. 🤣🤣🤣❤️ Cindy

  7. herbthiel says:

    Very good that you brought the guys along. Your writing is getting better all the time and it was pretty good to begin with.

  8. achme24gmailcom says:

    Well bro thanks for the history. It’s always fun to know details and background.

  9. Beverly says:

    Thank you, nephew. Transparency can be therapeutic for all. This gave me more understanding of the depth of your writing and encouragement to bring down some walls I have kept up, far to long. So excited for you!

  10. Petra says:

    Wow, now I kind of want to know what these complex questions were 🤔

    1. Benjamin says:

      Ha ha. Interpersonal questions mostly. I do not want to embarrass anyone because it would offend them.

          1. Petra says:

            Feel free to ask, my students said I’m decent at explaining. 😅

          2. Benjamin says:

            Like, I want to make a sustainable tilapia setup with aquaponics.

          3. Benjamin says:

            Or the most effective potato gun with a pulsating compaciter

          4. Petra says:

            Ok, ok,ok. One thing at a time 😅 might need to get a different communication platform then

          5. Benjamin says:

            Cool! I thought it rude to solicit the expertise of the great Erratic Engineeress, but I have found otherwise!

          6. Benjamin says:

            Petra, I hope you now have your fill of complications now!🤠🔥😁

          7. Benjamin says:

            Just to clarify, I was being silly. Most of those projects have plans online. 🤠🔥🗒🗒🗒🗒🗒🗒🗒🗒

          8. Petra says:

            I figured as much! Would be fun to build something silly though

  11. Omatra7 says:

    Very cool to learn your beginnings!!

    I still learn all the time with WP!! You taught me about the gravitar thing – which I still do not quite get? But whatever I have one somehow?? Lol

    So many interesting things and so interesting to learn how someone came to be here and where the passion came from..

    That’s adorable about all the notes you took!! That is also a good trait to have! Have you passed your traits to your kids?

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you for stopping by Trisha! Your Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar that represents you as you blog. You can access it with your WordPress login to change your picture and information about yourself.

      Genetics are a strange thing. My dad is calm and relaxed. I am intense. We both write. My children have way different interests than me.

      While not a psychologist, part of all that may be environmental. Who knows, but excellent conversation fodder!🤠🔥

      1. Omatra7 says:

        When I actually have some time – I should go and maybe switch that picture lol – I will also have to check what info I have lol

        I am a more modern carbon copy of my mother – or I was… my experiences definitely made me stronger. We both are calm, funny and kind … I have more of a fire than her lol

        My oldest is very similar to me… 19 has a mix of traits… both oldest and 19 have my calmness and the girl – oh she is a more modern carbon copy of me 😮😄… she has more of a fire than I do 😄✌️

        It is funny how that works and it is great conversation lol 😊✌️

          1. Omatra7 says:

            😄😄 I know ❤️ is that genetics or because they raised us? Lol

          2. Benjamin says:

            Not sure. I made a LOT of tries that say “Test.”

            I did go to Popeyes for takeout. I personally ate 4 chicken thighs and a large portion of homemade cauliflower salad.

          3. Omatra7 says:

            Hahaha ok I am getting your comments now lol

            I did not get your test tries lol … watch them all come at once next week 😄😄

            Sounds yummy – I don’t think I have ever had Popeyes

          4. Benjamin says:

            We will see.
            I worked for several years at KFC as a teenager. They would be up in arms about where I eat on Tuesdays!

          5. Omatra7 says:

            Hahaha sorry I keep getting phone calls too 🤨

            I was a Arby’s girl ✌️ my first job ❤️ still love Arbys ❤️

            Hahaha that’s hilarious

          6. Omatra7 says:

            Oh yes yes yes!! Their sauces are incredible!! ❤️❤️❤️ I love them both!!!

          7. Omatra7 says:

            Yeah I am all about that roast beef!! ❤️❤️ fricken awesome!!

            We only have 2 or 3 in our area… and they are each really far from each other

            KFC is joined with A&W

            We have Popeyes – but not many (although I don’t really do fast food or look for them so maybe I don’t know? Lol) I know we have them – I just don’t know how many- I don’t see a lot but have seen them

            I think we have churches chicken and also kiki’s?? I have never had those either

          8. Benjamin says:

            Churches is good, I have not heard of Kiki’s. I don’t out to eat often.

          9. Omatra7 says:

            I don’t either but Sacramento has everything!!! Anything you desire

          10. Benjamin says:

            I don’t think I will be in the area any time soon. I do want to see California.

          11. Omatra7 says:

            You should … I have Sacramento right here … Tahoe is hour and a half and San Fran is about 2 hours … that’s my circumference

            But you should I could show you guys around

          12. Omatra7 says:

            Well when things are better – you guys should come visit and I show you around

            There is a lot to see!! San Fran itself is cool… fisherman’s wharf and pier 39 … Alcatraz

            San Fran not as amazing as used to be but still pretty cool… they have an incredible science museum with a planetarium ❤️

            Lake Tahoe is so beautiful… depends on what you like… casinos or nature? Do you want to lose money? Or breathe in the beauty? Lol

            It’s beautiful and breathtaking any time of year (but of course I prefer summer) it’s known for its ski 🎿 resorts though

            And then Sacramento – you come back to the old west in old sac – that’s pretty amazing … Train museum – lots of old building and cobblestone streets… the river is right there – and Joe’s Crab Shack if you like

            They even have some hotels on a old restored river boat “The Delta King”

            Pretty cool

            And then Sac has underground history tours and they have those touristy shops and souvenir places

            Is cool… you can do horse drawn carriages all of it lol

          13. Omatra7 says:

            Yeah Alcatraz is really cool!! But I would definitely recommend summer time for that lol … it’s cold on the rock

          14. Omatra7 says:

            You have never been?? I have been many many times

            Oh you would love it then… that history is incredible… one of my dads friends – his father ..was a guard on Alcatraz… they lived on Alcatraz!!! His family grew up there

            Can you imagine ??? 😮

            Yeah the whole thing will blow you away!! You have to come see!

          15. Benjamin says:

            I imagine living in Alcatraz is much like Canon City, Colorado, a prison town.

          16. Omatra7 says:

            Ohhh I don’t know that place ??

            But Alcatraz is out in the middle of water… you are on a rock… only way to get to civilization is by ferry

            Unless you like swimming in cold water and sharks and think you can survive lol

            Alcatraz was some serious shit back in the day

            When you visit – you can just totally imagine!! It’s insane!!

            Summer is beautiful to go see … cause you comfortable and can enjoy it …take it in

            But if you go in winter – you really get a grasp for how umm?? What it must have been like??

            Imagine hearing the city sounds from San Francisco and the smells wafting over

            You can’t just jump in the car lol

            Yeah that was a pretty serious prison

            I’m sure you have watched some of its documentaries and or movies lol

          17. Benjamin says:

            I have read about it. I want to see the redwoods. I suppose that is quite a stretch from where you are.

          18. Omatra7 says:

            Well Ft Bragg is beautiful area with some redwoods and this amazing beach called Glass Beach…

            But the actual Redwoods state park is about 5/6 hours northwest from me, going up the coast there

          19. Benjamin says:

            I want to drive the coast one year, but I have a few things at home that need doing first.

          20. Omatra7 says:

            Oh yeah that coastline drive is amazing ❤️

            Hey!! Are you learning from 2020? Take your moments lol ✌️

          21. Benjamin says:

            Yeah, great idea! I am raising teens so I have to prioritize.

          22. Omatra7 says:

            I am also still raising one teen… yeah I get that…

            My parents used to take us all of the United States and show us so much and that can aid in school too

            I do expose my daughter to really cool experiences too… but just since covid and all my cancer stuff I haven’t

            So I get it

          23. Omatra7 says:

            We do not currently…
            I was handling cancer all that time… and then isolated after last surgery – covid hit … so yeah we take walks and stuff … but no

          24. Omatra7 says:

            I got through it – survived … that was a very terrifying and difficult experience.

            Anyway… cancer free currently now 🥰❤️ new boobs … so not all bad – got a bonus out of it ✌️ kinda

            I had just finished that right before covid 😳😞 lol

            Life lol… I tell ya!

          25. Omatra7 says:

            Eh sometimes lol… not always… but ya know you have to live life lol … you do the best you can.

            I have wonderful and amazing people in my life – I am lucky for that ❤️

          26. Omatra7 says:

            Nope … my parents moved everywhere – we from Massachusetts – but at the time of my birth they were in Ohio – I was born in Ohio

          27. Benjamin says:

            Have you ever heard of a dish called three ways? It is like shepherd’s pie. A number of folks from Ohio have said it is delicious.

          28. Omatra7 says:

            I was only in Ohio for my first year of life … first 6 months Youngstown, other 6 months Cincinnati and they didn’t place roots there… I don’t know much about Ohio or the things there

            In New England we have this amazing meal my mom called American Chop Suey ❤️❤️ I love that meal ❤️ some people call it poverty meal or goulash?

            I do know shepherds pie but not the 3 way??

          29. Omatra7 says:

            Yes is very yummy ❤️ you can do a post on whatever you want lol ✌️ 😊

          30. Omatra7 says:

            That firehouse subs was incredible – you need to try that… they have some around Denver – you will be floored / is sooooo yummy omg – I don’t ever eat out but today we did at work and ordered from there – my new favorite ❤️❤️❤️

          31. Benjamin says:

            I was talking to my friends in between comments and they say it is amazing!

          32. Omatra7 says:

            Oh yes!!! Omg sooo yummy!!! You have to try that… and then you tell me cause I know you gonna love it – it is that good – I am sure of it!!

          33. Omatra7 says:

            If you go to website you can see where locations are … maybe is one close to you? Or lol… DoorDash it lol

          34. Omatra7 says:

            Awww you need to try that – seriously!! Is incredible – not joking!

            I am always hesitant to try some new place I don’t know… I had ordered steak and cheese … one bite and omg … SOLD!! Hand down!!

          35. Omatra7 says:

            Not like Hawaii though!!! They are worse than California lol

          36. Omatra7 says:

            Umm… I think about $3.15/$3:20? I have to fill up soon so I will let know when I do

          37. Omatra7 says:

            Yeah it’s not $4 or anything lol … it has been in the past – before covid it was expensive … but it’s been alright currently … during initial shut down was awesome!!! Like $2.50!!! Wooo hooo

            But typically currently – we can be anywhere from $3 to maybe $3.50 – that is current fluctuations

            And it obviously depends on gas station and where

            Right around initial lock down there was some oil issue or something? I forget there has been a lot this year lol .. but that took the gas prices down and then add the pandemic and hasn’t been bad gas wise

          38. Omatra7 says:

            Ps… I’m gonna age myself here – but I remember gas at .89 a gallon in Massachusetts in the 1990’s lol

          39. Omatra7 says:

            Hahaha I was in the 5th grade 😄… and you are 2 years younger than my sister

          40. Benjamin says:

            My earliest memories of the time were stone washed jeans and high tops. I will have to post a picture of my Billy Idol smile.

          41. Omatra7 says:

            Oh the 80’s were fricken awesome!! 🤙

            Music was phenomenal and was a really great time period to grow up in ❤️❤️ maybe possibly the most perfect decade?? Or could I be biased? Lol ✌️😄

          42. Benjamin says:

            Biased…. A little. I like the 80s better than anything the 2000s have brought. I like the 1990s cargo pants. Still wear them.

          43. Omatra7 says:

            The 90’s were pretty cool too!! I was not fond of grunge 😝😝😝 eww

          44. Omatra7 says:

            Do you have one site or 2? Sometimes it lets me see sometimes I get a message

            I will show you on email – hold on…

          45. Omatra7 says:

            Ok I wasn’t sure? That’s what I thought but again I’m not very technical – I am an elder lol ✌️😄

          46. Benjamin says:

            I get that on apple devices frequently and have no way to test it out. I am self hosted. I would recommend clearing your cache. It worked for the last person.

          47. Omatra7 says:

            Hahaha… you say that like I know how 😄😄✌️

            I just like things such as cars, phones and blogs to just do what I want and work lol

          48. Omatra7 says:

            Cool I think it just came through… I will do that 👌✌️

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