Brothers Campfire Throwback Thursday 4/16/2020

Hello Friends! Gather round while I spin a tale about the Land of La Longi!

These are tales from a while back that have only been read by a few. I brought coffee, coco, tea, marshmallows and hot dogs!

The brigands had captives from several villages nearby. We brought them to the Camp.

There are many who have moved to the security of the Campfire and Camp this morning. Many of them have been robbed and terrorised by the brigands. 

Word of last night’s raid moved fast. It  has been the topic of conversation all afternoon

Inspired by our success, there is talk from some small farmers of  banding together and standing up for themselves.

I have heard tell that when common people become committed to a cause, it is time to pay attention. I do not have anything in my heart for these robbers and they need to be removed if there are any left.

We led the captives to the Camp last night. We offered food and shelter. They can come and go as they please provided they follow the rules of the Camp. 

There is room enough if they wish to stay. It is almost time to plant winter wheat and garlic. 

I wonder where the Man with the Shepherds Crook went. I dropped by his place and he was not there. Perhaps he is at the church he asked about.

I would like to see him around the campfire more often. Perhaps I will have to schedule a regular time where I visit.

He was the true driving force behind our raid. He planted a seed.

Where are my manners? Sit, have a cup of coffee. Mine is hot, black, and bitter. 

The Bard approaches. A moderate size group has gathered. He is in the mood to sing. He does so with energy and with power. 

He was in fine spirits after the battle and he is tuning his instrument. 

Sing I have dear Brother,

Sit down tight, I’ll sing another

The young men they did fight, 

With power and with might.

The thieves they have been slain

The blows an endless rain.

The cowards they were caught,

From Grandma they did steal,

They should have cooked a feast,

For they ate their last meal.

Who robs a dead man’s tooth and cane?

Who would do our ancients shame?

We don’t know, we did not shake their hand or greet,

We simply introduced fallen head to feet.

The Bard’s song,

The young men vigor,

Sing long tale of

Courage and rigor.

Today we honor those who served,

Living and fighting,

And those whose death was not deserved. ( not in this case!)

I speak of the Warriors of the Camp,

Who live by a creed and keep lit the lamp,

Of freedom to live without fear or despair,

The Warriors protect us,

 For them do lift a prayer.

Blood on the soil,

Feeling alone,

Our Warriors do fight,

So we can call this place home.

The Coffee had a few grounds in it this morning.

I made a new pot for the late afternoon. It tastes much better.

The Man with the Shepherds Crook came by the Campfire today. He spoke about agriculture. There are plants that look like wheat but are not. 

There is no way to tell the difference until it has seeds. They can make you sick if you make bread with it.

It is good to know these things. Winter wheat is being planted in the ground this week. Somehow I think there is a deeper meaning to what he is saying.

I am going to one of his get togethers soon. 

On another note, I put James Rainport in charge of our perimeter. He demonstrates good leadership and has potential to expand his horizons. He told me favors would not improve our relationship. I informed him I do not like him and I do not want to improve our standings. I made him fully aware I will give him responsibility as retaliation for my opinion of him.

James Rainport

The people in the encampment were pretty excited about the Bard last night. Some of them have  been to the Puking Peasant where he has performed. 

I put a man to work on drawing up a map of Northwich. We will see how that goes. I do not have a lot of skilled craftsmen in camp so my expectations are not exactly high. 

On a deeper note, a scout directed me to the remains of Larry. I was wondering where he went after the raid.

While I suspected him of being with the brigands in some way, I had no evidence and nothing against him.

Some things are better left undetailed. I will say, after seeing what I saw, I will never forget about Larry no matter how hard I try. 

Brother understands the Beast.

The Beast wants to visit the campfire. Those at the camp are disgusted by me. The guards and scouts are wary. 

Beast wants to visit Brother more often. He tells me what way Beast should do things

Brother does not fear me. Brother likes me. He took me here so Beast could start new.

I am Beast. I eat predator flesh. The Heron tribe calls me one of them. They say I am a warrior.

All is quiet and still this morning. I am strong at night. Quiet comforts me. There is no wind.

It is still.

At night run through the forest. I rage. I am anger and bitterness.

Beast needs a cure. 

When I was young, I was bit by a fearsome creature. 

My body has been afflicted by the bite.

Beast does not bite what he does not kill.

Beast had a friend that cares for animals. 

Stewart tried to help. He put silver in me to see if it would kill the sickness.

It did not help. His cure hurt the Beast. 

It did not help. 

Stewart wrote on paper to release me from Silent Gallows Prison. 

Stewart is a magistrate. I do not know what that is.

The Beast misses Stewart. He is a nice man.

Pain is in my body but not on the outside much. 

Not all in the Heron tribe are nice to Beast. When Beast gets hurt he gets better fast. Some men from the tribe are mean to me when it is day and I am weak. They know better when it is night and go into their houses or go close to the fire.

The Heron men respect strength. Beast is strong.

Last night Beast walked into Heron camp.

A small woman from the tribe approached me. She said her name is Wispy Sapling.

She said, “Still waters run deep with you.”

Beast is confused by riddles and jokes. Jokes anger BEAST. 

I stood to full height and roared at Wispy Sapling. The warriors nearby stepped away. They know the rage of Beast.

She stared at Beast in my eyes.

” you still then you are and then you are an ocean current. I do not fear you. You are afraid of yourself”

I am confused. I am Beast. I do not flinch when I am struck. The words are calm. The words pierce like a spear. I do not know why.

It is day. I walk to the forest where I can rest.

Good morning. Welcome to the Campfire.

I have added fuel to the fire and made coffee. 

I woke up to see several of the Heron Tribe at the Campfire.

There has been contention between what the Heron tribe believes and what the Man with the Shepherd’s crook says.

They complained to me about the Man with the Shepherd’s Crook. 

They stated he was telling them to live differently. I informed them that the Man with the Shepherds Crook forewarned us of danger and he is welcome in our Camp.

I told our visitors that we have rules in the Camp and they are allowed to stay if they follow them. They were not completely enthused with my views about the Camp and my support of the Man with the Shepherds Crook. 

One of the younger men tested my resolve in relation to the rules of the encampment. I clearly expressed our standards in a way that he could understand in a physical manifestation.

Another of the Heron approached me and stated words to the effect of, “I do not want anything from Shepherds Crook Man for myself. I am a warrior. I am proud and renowned in battle.

“I need Shepherd’s Crook medicine for my wife. She is ill. I set my pride aside for my wife.  Will you tell him?”

I agreed to let the Shepherd’s Crook man know. I actually don’t know if the Shepherd’s Crook Man has medicine. It will not hurt to ask.

So here I sit. Forest People at the fire. They look a little hungry.

 I will give them something to take with them before they leave. 

I feel like there is so much more going on around me that I do not understand. I do know it is of utmost importance to keep the Camp safe.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

29 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Throwback Thursday 4/16/2020

          1. Benjamin says:

            You could do something absurd like relace your shoes! I am not sure it would be crazy fun though.

        1. Benjamin says:

          This is my original story and I am presenting it to a larger audience. Eventually, it may make you less bothered by Jeptha Berengar, the Beast.

  1. Debby Winter says:

    “Winter wheat is being planted in the ground this week. Somehow I think there is a deeper meaning to what he is saying.” — I love your stories 😉

    1. Benjamin says:

      It is nearly time to harvest winter wheat! Sometimes things are apparent. Some are not. Perhaps the wheat was planted on a whole other plain/plane.

        1. Benjamin says:

          It depends on what we are talking about. Summer is June 21. Time is relative. There may not be enough labourers and planning may be of essence to acquire them.

          1. Ishaan Sharma says:

            But just wonderingz how about you write a post on it?
            That way, all your readers will be helped

          2. Benjamin says:

            I will, but first I am writing about one of Chandra’s men named Ishaan.

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