Brothers Campfire The Shepherd Fights-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 64

Baldwin Mailer, Scribe

Northwich, La Longi  Population 138

Public Record For Northwich Keep

Eleven families came over the last several days to live in Northwich. Many of them had trades and set up in Northwich proper. They had heard about the low taxes and the school for common folk that did not require status to attend.

Emerson Berengar was concerned. The influx of villagers from other parts of La Longi would cause a spike in the price of food and there would be hunger. There was little to be had over the winter. He was grateful for the initial supplies the king had given, but they were for the 16, not their families, and especially not 138.

Influx of Settlers to Northwich

He would order grain from a supplier in La Longi. 

John was at the fire. He took to early mornings and coffee. “Where is Jeptha, Brother?”

“Morning John, he doesn’t come by too often. You and your mother did a good thing for his birthday.” Thank You!”

John was thoughtful, ” I was glad to help, Brother.

You know, I came here to see the countryside with mom and my son. I think we will stay here for awhile.”

The Shepherd’s Crook Man came to the Campfire. He looked displeased. “Emerson, I do not like what I feel here. Let’s pray.”

John looked at the thin, balding man with the shepherd’s crook with reverence. Nicholas the head of the town watch was approaching the fire and stopped when he began to speak. 

He spoke plainly,

“There is evil here, the Lord rebuke it, I plead the blood.” 

Chills ran down Emerson’s spine. He could feel a strong presence of peace.

The Shepherd continued.

“God will make a way. He feeds the sparrow and will provide for your people as well.”

A stack of parchments lay by the fire with images on them. They were in plain sight yet Emerson had not seen them. The Shepherd picked them up and threw them in the fire.

“Great evil was imagined against you. It is of no effect.”

The Man with the Shepherd’s Crook turned and smiled at Nicholas. “You leading up the drill, Nick? I just got warmed up. I may be old, but I can spar with the best of you.”

Polearms were in play. He sure picked the right day to practice.

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