Brothers Campfire The Puking Peasant -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 190

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I wrote this after lunch. It was epic!

Watchman Wayne entered the Puking Peasant Inn.

It was late and Mel was reciting the darkest of poetry, mug of Screaming Peaches in hand. 

“One would wonder what life would be like,Without you on my coattail, head on a pike.”

Wanye winced. The patrons loved the dark two liners.

“I when I hear them say go into the light,Darkness calls, I accept my plight.”

“I look up at starry sky, the knife you plunged makes me cry.”

Mel Had Dark, Two Line Poems

Wayne endured the agony everyone else seemed to enjoy and seated himself where he could see the door. What would become of La Longi with the Alchemist in charge? Violet would get her wish and  they would move on, that was for sure.

The door opened, men and women yelling and shouting as they came in. Wayne put his hand on his sword hilt and relaxed. Galvin the Bard had appeared. 

Galvin, the Bard

He beckoned to Mel and handed her a crate. A dark soul, her face was somber.

She looked directly at Wayne, another line recited.

“Looks like troubleΒ Eve in leaf of fig, As bad as deception, I smell a pig.”

All turned their heads toward Wayne and jeered. The watchman smiled and waved. Such was life on his beat. 

Galvin, ever an entertainer, caught their attention. 

“Fellow Pukes! To all ranks and stations, to play costs a donation! Contradictory, you say, with the pig,we will play!”

Kicking the table in front of him over for distance, time and space, Wayne’s sword was in hand. There was a time to talk and a time to fight;

Wayne hadn’t survived the docks without street smarts.Β 

Galvin shouted,

“Watchman Wayne is a fake one, Turn around and you’ll see real bacon! You see, in this crate is a porker all greased, Catch if you can, and I’ll buy you a feast! To play is a coin in my bucket with handle, We play in the dark, please blow out your candle!”

With that, Mel rolled up her sleeve revealing a rose tattoo.

Some of the men groaned. They had been tricked by her before. She opened the crate and out came a medium sized piglet, covered in lard.Β 

Mel proclaimed, “alright! A coin to play, candles at bay.”

The lights were dimmed or cut off and dozens of patrons set off to catch the pristine porker. 

It was a complete disaster. Drunken men and women caught the pig only to have it slip from their grasp. Tables, chairs, glasses, and table settings fell in disarray as they scrambled. 

Watchman Wayne slipped out the door. It was late… time for shift change. A pint of Screaming Peaches would make people do crazy things.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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          1. Lydia Potter says:

            Oh fun! Just don’t get too wet or you’ll regret it. Don’t add ice to it either.

    1. YouLittleCharmer says:

      Fab!! Couldn’t have written them better myself!! 😁 As a committed vegetarian I reckon she’d be chasing that pig to safety though!! πŸ½πŸ–€


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