Brothers Campfire The Heron Tribe -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 7

Good morning. There is a slight tinge of red in the sunrise today. I have several pressing things on my mind. The coffee is on and it is strong.

An elder from a local tribe sits with me this morning. I have welcomed him to the fire.
He is willing to supply me with coffee. I will trade with food supplies. His trade offer was acceptable and no nonsense.

The elder seems as if he wishes to speak. Several minutes pass. I sip on my coffee.

“Brother, the Beast dwells in our camp. He is a warrior. He is fearless and respected by the young men. He is strong. He eats the flesh of the predator. There are many dangerous creatures in the forest.

A young lion was brought to camp by the Beast and he presented it to the elders. He wanted to know where he should slay the lion so he could share it among the tribe.

He is respected among the Heron tribe for his prowess. Great honor was shown to the Beast for bringing a live young lion to camp.

He says he was disowned by his people. A council was assembled and it is agreed.
The Beast is of the Heron tribe. He is our own.”

I am stunned. I sit and contemplate. So that is why I have not seen Jeptha around.

I suspect if it were not for Beast, we would have an entirely different relationship with the Forest People. The Forest People say the Beast kills and eats the Predator. They have brought gifts for this reason.

I am learning about the Forest People as time goes by. It was good to meet an elder from the Heron tribe. I have been so focused on improving the settlement and mediating arguments that I have not looked outward like I should.

I do not understand the Forest People and they avoid me most of the time. They gather when the Bard is about and they sing.
When I do talk with the locals, they are not unfriendly, but short and to the point.

The Forest People I have met are fluid and emotional in my perception. I am rigid and do not see shades of grey very easily. I think this is where I am not connecting with our neighbors.

The conversation with the elder is the longest I have had so far. The elder left without giving his name. I hope to speak with him soon

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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