Brothers Campfire on Testing Subscribe, Minecraft Mods, and Covid Mopey

Hello, Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here!

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Today has been a little mopey for me. As I am quarantined, there are limited options as to what I can do and where I can go. I want to go for a hike, but will have to take the road less traveled by to avoid being near others. It is kinda sad because I cannot stop at a destination. Because you know… People, exposure, ect…

Having had covid in January, a shot last month, no symptoms, and lots of negative tests, I am almost certain the positive result was innaccurate.

I wish to follow the guidelines and be a good example. It is hard because I want to be up and doing.

So, while not profitable, I looked at some Minecraft Mods for Bedrock and found a few that look fun when my son and I play. I like to farm and he likes to fight, so we are a good match.

For him I got

This mod is versatile as you can conscript your villagers into soldiers and pay them to follow you. When you are done with your campaign, you can send the survivors back to the village.

I cannot find the link for the mod I selected. In a nutshell, you can farm items and cook with them.

I am more into Realcraft than Minecraft for sure.

Well, for those of you that subscribe by Email, I hope this works!

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

26 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire on Testing Subscribe, Minecraft Mods, and Covid Mopey

        1. Benjamin says:

          Yay! Thanks for the feedback and for stopping by the Campfire. I appreciate you!🤠🔥

  1. The Paltry Sum says:

    Im sorry you are quarentined! For what it is worth, the shot does not mean you can’t get covid, it just means if you do get it you are more likely to get a mild case of it – less likely to end up very sick or worse. Natural immunity is meant to fade…The shot also does not prevent you from transmitting it if you do get it. I hope if it was not incorrect you have a total symptom free ride!

  2. Petra says:

    I hope your quarantine doesn’t last long. If you get tired of Minecraft you can also check out Spore or Kerbal space project, both are pretty fun

          1. windsofchange18 says:

            Than I hope you enjoy! Yes, my way as well. I must sadly say though a bit too warm for my liking. 😊

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