Society of full of Wants and Needs…Having Respect and Being Disrespectful

2 thoughts on “Society of full of Wants and Needs…Having Respect and Being Disrespectful

  1. cheriewhite says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this. I cringed when I read the part about the 50 year old woman who was acting childish and got embarrassed for her. Not trying to be age discriminatory here because I’m 50 myself. But this attitude looks so much worse on someone that age than a young person. You’d think they’d know better. But that’s what spoiled children usually become when they’re older. I also read the linked post by Kristin and she was dead on. Many young adults and teens today don’t want to lift a finger to earn anything and yes, it’s why many of them are ending up in psych hospitals depressed and contemplating suicide because they still don’t understand how the world works and how to be responsible adults. We have their parents to blame for it, unfortunately. Thank you so much for posting.

  2. tamburelli’sThankfulnessandlove says:

    I agree with you Cheri, and it is sad to say adults at that age it does look and…I would be embarrassed and ashamed if i were them. It’s true… when kids are spoiled at a young age they become childish when they get older. I agree with you also on it’s the parenting that takes full responsibility for how a child grows. Sadly , children when they are corrected/ Disciplined, they will most likely grow up to be respectful, not Afraid to work( as you said , lift a finger). Where on the other hand those that do what ever they want due to their parents lacking parenting…sad to even think about where some end up….they don’t know any better. I can go on and on ! You are very welcome Cherie ! Thank you for your fed back.


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