Brothers Campfire Siege-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 95

James the Bastard ran to the closing gate and slipped between. If the Royal Palace was to be secured, he would be on the outside. The city of La Longi was under attack. On the north and west, His father and older brother had amassed an army of minions. Fierce creatures huddled together in the besieging camp in an unsavoury feast for all to see. 

James thought of the Alchemist. 

This was of his doing and he was in the Palace! 

He would do what he could to stop the siege, but he was afraid to stay inside the walls. The attackers were his kin, and fingers could be pointed at him for treason. 

He looked south where all of the real commotion was. Billows of smoke rose from the harbor. The screams of the dying and the sound of minions reverberated in his ears.

As he made his way, he recognized the ships flags on the masts. Admiral Gryll…

Admiral Gryll

His men were among the most ruthless mercenaries money could buy. They were attacking the town from the south. To the east was the river. The town was surrounded.

A city watchman was struggling with a group of minions. Though he was cutting them down, his situation was perilous. James ran to help but it was not needed. 

The watchman look at him intensely. “The town is under attack. He motioned toward the harbor. Come and help me would you?”

” With pleasure! I would that I die today. I have nothing else on my schedule.”

James eyed the watchman.

He had seen him somewhere before but could not place it. 

The watchman’s eyes were angry. He looked back at James. ” These minions took my friend.”

James was grim. “I am sorry friend.” 

The watchman raised an eyebrow.

“Let’s go and slay some minions and then find Admiral Gryll!”

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

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