Brothers Campfire -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 68

It was early afternoon and Violet was in good spirits.  She was spending time with her friend Catrina at a coffee shop.She was a good listener and easy to get along with. There was so much to catch up on. 

They discussed food, the latest social scandals, beauty tips and all manner of topics only women themselves can conjure up. 

“Did you hear about James, son of Lord Rainport? I hear he got in an argument with his father.”

Violet had one better. She had seen James purchase a sword and rough up a few slavers. 

She wondered aloud, “why didn’t he have a sword? Isn’t he like an earl or something?”

Both  ladies agreed James was a lot nicer than his brother, but a little arrogant. 

Violet told the story about the watchman. He was all professional and pretty. 

Violet liked a nice uniform. It made the man, even if he was a little overweight. 

He was kind and it seemed like he didn’t notice the scarring on her face.

She would keep her ears open for him. The Puking Peasant Inn was filled with bragging scoundrels and she heard talk all the time. 

Catrina saw an opportunity. “Violet, if he isn’t married, snatch him up. You cannot live here and not be affected by this place. It’s good to be crazy sometimes, but this is too crazy.”

“What about my, my..”

Catrina interrupted. “Girl, there is nothing wrong with you. You are gorgeous and you need to stop being so hard on yourself.”

It was time to get ready for work and the ladies parted ways. 

Meanwhile, a rough and rowdy group from the Grasshopper a single mast sloop with mainsail and a triangle staysail had come into port. They were pirates and expert sailors. La Longi harbor was the place to find profitable work with a boat and a sword and the Puking Peasant is where you found it. 

The crew of foreign trade schooner, the Saltamontes had entered and they were in a celebratory mood. As soon as they entered the inn, they began dancing and swaying to the music in an emotional manner. “dia flamenco!” they shouted. The patrons clapped and cheered when the song was over.This caused no small stir from the pirates who were not to be outdone. Captain Gryll of the Grasshopper climbed onto a table. “ Landlubbers! I will show you how to dance.  Captain Gryll danced well, and received like praise for his entertaining. That is until he slipped and fell off the table.  There was laughter and Captain Gryll drew his sword, prompting his crew to do so as well. 

The crew of the Saltamontes were not expecting trouble and were not so armed.

Galvin the bard had to be quick in his thinking. 

“Gentlemen! Welcome to the Puking Peasant!” 

All turned their heads. He pulled a strange instrument out of its case given to him by the Heron people.

Captain Gryll had come to blow off steam. There was no profit in a fight. He put his sword back in it’s scabbard.  

Galvin was here. He wasn’t half bad, but he wasn’t half good either.

“Look, one man’s Grasshopper is another man’s Saltamontes.”

A single note played. 

The crew of the Saltamontes yelled “flamenco!”

The Bard shouted,

Brinca Brinca!!!!!!!

Jump Jump!!!!!

“The butterfly they flutter by

The honey bee they take a knee

The katydid too prissy

The praying mantis wanna be

We are the scourge of the earth

Wipe off the smile we take your mirth

Saltamontes saltamontes saltamos

Grasshopper Grasshopper deja una cicatriz en tu tierra

La mariposa sobre la que se ciernen

La abeja melífera se arrodilló

El saltamontes demasiado cursi

La mantis religiosa quiere ser

Somos el flagelo de la tierra

Limpia la sonrisa, tomamos tu alegría

Grasshopper Grasshopper we jump far

Grasshopper Grasshopper leave your land a scar

Hop Hop!!!!

Brinca Brinca!!!!

Somos el flagelo de la tierra

Limpia la sonrisa, tomamos tu alegría


Saltamontes, Grasshopper!!!!!!

The sailors loved it. They must have thrown back too many Screaming Peaches because Galvin had composed it on the spot and they did not seem to care. He was just happy for the Herons’ instrument.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

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  1. herbthiel says:

    Looking at the map on the About Us page I can’t see any water except Northwich Creek?

    1. Benjamin says:

      Unfortunately, the convict who made the map did so with emphasis on Northwich. The Harbor of La Longi Is not visible.


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