Returning To Writing

Hello Friends!

It has been a few days since I have blogged about anything in particular. My family, church, urban farm and my job have limited hours for me to sit down and type.

So, for those that follow the ongoing tale, I am sorry for being delinquent.

I am as troubled as my faithful readers are that the Alchemist runs La Longi with his dark minions and nothing is being done. Lydia is travelling as a captive of Puntius Urinitus, and Ishaan, Turlough and Brother are off to find her. The Beast is travelling to La Longi to forgive and James Rainport is nowhere to be found.

Having been busy before, I somehow managed to make time to write. What had changed? What was slowing me down to the point where I couldn’t post every day? I pondered these things. The breakfast has been epic,

I have things to write about, like rehabilitating a bird,

or going to Painted Mines, a Native American mining site.

I even have footage of my ducklings to post about.

We have even begun to assemble at church, which you are invited to attend at 1000 hours Mountain Standard time. Listen Live!

With all of these happenings, Where did the creative go?

I pondered thise for a long while and discovered my coffee pot had broken.

This, my friends, is likely a contributing factor that led to my lack of recent writing. Upon this discovery, things had to be rectified. I embarked on a dangerous journey….

Many days passed, and I arrived at my destination. There were many things that tried to slow me down from my objective, but I persevered. Along the way, a she vixen helped me.

I arrived.

Modesty prevents me from telling the tale. Perhaps my ancestors will sing of it upon my passing. Through all the perils and challenges, I stand tall. I now have a coffeepot.

Thank you, my dear friends for joining me at Brothers Campfire again. I look forward sharing many new adventures!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

55 thoughts on “Returning To Writing”

    1. I should have a back up! I missed writing and interacting with my friends. Know that you are doing an excellent job raising your children. You are a beautiful example of motherhood.

      1. Thank you! I do my best with all my boys. I trip up sometimes, but I always seem to get back up. My parents were wonderful examples of parenting. This November, they will be married 70 years.

        1. I know you do your best! It shows in your writing.

          70 years is incredible! If you check out Herb Thiel’s Blog, (my father) you will see they just had thier 40th anniversary.

    1. I did not get a lot of material on the starling, but I have a YouTube of my uncoordinated attempts at feeding it at first. Hopefully I can gather enough pictures, ect. soon!

  1. Lol – I am same way with my coffee ☕️

    I have a mug that says …
    Coffee spelled backwards is “Eeffoc”, I don’t give eeffoc until I have had my coffee 😄😄✌️❤️

    Very funny post!

      1. Yes I am safe… the city I work in has protesters and rioters – we had the National Guard here last weekend – I stay far away from any problems. Not sure if national guard is still there or not – we have had curfews though … 8pm every night

        Hope you and your family are safe also!

        1. We are safe. The protesters have acted appropriately for the most part in Colorado. There is a bad apple in every bunch they say so there have been a few arrests. There is a 10 pm curfew in town, but I live in the country.

          Good to hear you are doing well.

          1. I live in the country also… but protesters damaged a lot in our area and looting is a huge issue. They were also threatening to come into neighborhoods and homes and begin damage and looting there – so we have 8pm curfew in this area. We have had several arrests in our major city. Sad. Takes away from the cause, which IS important but violence and looting is uncalled for (2 wrongs do not make a right) and also not worrying about the virus. Like you say – bad apple in every bunch.

            I am in California – people here be crazy sometimes ✌️

          2. Responsible is good, Omatra. I believe you to have a good head on your shoulders about these concerns. I pray for your safely, friend. If you need anything, let me know.🤠🔥

          3. Thank you… I stay safe from everything lol- or try to ✌️ it will be ok.

            Thank you that is very kind- same to you!

  2. welcome back. I actually read the story about Horace before this post, I must say that I actually double checked to see if i had missed an email notification from your blog! so welcome back Mr. story writer. you were missed!

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