Brothers Campfire Recognizing Talent At The Puking Peasant Inn -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 192

Hello Friends!

Below are some nifty badges you can put on your site by singing at the Puking Peasant. Take your pick, take them all…. If you earned them.

Are you tired of the same ole chain letter awards? I want to change that here at Brother’s Campfire so you have a high level of satisfaction for your blogging awards.

Dont get “nominated”, Earn one!

Today, I am awarding Rachel the prestigious Puking Peasant Award for her incredible talent at the Puke. If you want this Award, sing an awful song and submit it.

Remember, lots of young people read my site and we will not be offending them.

Rachel was up for the challenge and immediately got to work. That’s because Rachel is a go getter.

Make sure you subscribe to her site. She has amazing stories and you are missing out!

Any of the links go to her song, which I do not claim any rights to. Great Job, Rachel! Now the story….

The Puking Peasant Inn was notorious for it’s Screaming Peaches, but it was also known as a place to gather information. Sailors from all over the world stopped in La Longi to resupply and with it came many stories of far away places.ย 

Rachel, a storyteller, was on a journey to know, to explore, to experience new cultures. As she downed a mug of simmering cider and ate the world famous rolls the Puking Peasant provided, she became wistful for home. 

We Don’t Know Where Home Is on the Map

Galvin the Bard was known for his absolutely amazing entertainment, but today, he was really not doing well at all. Finally, Rachel was fed up with it. She joined the rowdy crowd and began throwing rolls at Galvin just like everyone else. “Cook us a cheese burger for these rolls,” she shouted!

Though she was not nearly the loudest, everyone turned and looked at Rachel. It was very quiet. A large sailor missing an eye and peg for a leg looked her up and down. “What did you say, me lady?”

Rachel tried to muster her courage. This was no time to show weakness. ” I said cook me a cheeseburger, mate, what’s it to you?”

“Wots a cheeseburger?”

Rachel had assumed everyone knew what a cheeseburger was. “It is a bit of meat, in between a roll with cheese melted on top.” I love me cheeseburger with all me heart,” she declared.

Actual Cheesburger Handcrafted By My Beloved

Rachel had a faraway look in her eyes and thought of home. Forgetting everyone was there, she burst into song.

This Is Her Song Click there for a YT of it.

Quietly, they listened. The hardest of men were touched by her love of the cheeseburger. Perhaps the cooks would consider making it a menu item. The End

Congratulations, Rachel! You can now say,

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

138 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Recognizing Talent At The Puking Peasant Inn -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 192

  1. rue202 says:

    I was in stitches the whole time!
    Well done!

          1. rue202 says:

            So, are the bloggers that feature in that musical post of yours in your story going to become recurring characters in your overall story, or not really?

          2. Benjamin says:

            I don’t know the Cheeseburger dreamer very well, but yes, it is ok!

          3. rue202 says:

            If you ever need help with my character, just contact me. I’ll help you with it ๐Ÿ™‚

          4. rue202 says:

            It’s the last month of autumn over here and next month is the start of winter.

          1. Lydia Potter says:

            I need to go shopping and I’ll be working at our old house in the afternoon.

          2. Benjamin says:

            I have a Toro brand system and the parts are not from Lowes or Depot which makes the task a little tougher

          3. Benjamin says:

            Surrounded by your glory, what will my heart feel, will I dance for you Jesus, or in awe of you be still? I can only Imagine ๐ŸŽถ

          1. rue202 says:

            You, young man, are in big trouble – as well as her! *points finger at Lydia*

          2. Benjamin says:

            So.. Evert good medeival fiction story has an inn. I did not wish for it to be a positive place.

          3. Lydia Potter says:

            Right. Well, that’s cool, but hey.
            If you offered a million dollars in cash for the award, I MIGHT do it.

          4. Benjamin says:

            The award is priceless. It is just not for you. Lady Lydia in my story woll soon be kidnapped. I will give you a Tasteful Award that you like because you are my sister

          5. Benjamin says:

            Fortunately, it is a fictional storyline with a fictional character. She will likely be a political prisoner. It would be cool if she sang along the way!๐Ÿค ๐Ÿ˜‰

          6. Benjamin says:

            Oh… Yes… Steeples fingers…. Well I will tell him about that one time…..๐Ÿ˜Œ

          7. Benjamin says:

            ๐Ÿ˜ฐwhew… Thought she was gonna tell dad I was throwing a fit.

          8. Lydia Potter says:

            Yeah… calming down. I’ll be there soon. Want me to do it on a new post or an old one so no one else will see it?

          9. Benjamin says:

            I don’t care. If you want to have a sibling squabble online, let’s do it!

          10. Benjamin says:

            But me writing about it disturbs you? I bet my writing is vanilla compared to even PG13 books most of the time.

          11. rue202 says:

            Wash your mouth out!!!
            That’s why I didn’t pick the third award logo and went for the middle one, which simply says that I have sung at the Puking Peasant Inn – it looks a lot better!

          12. Benjamin says:

            It is an Inn. A tavern attached. People Puke at the Puking Peasant Inn!

          13. rue202 says:

            Nice! But where to the Ruetoohto tribe live? I couldn’t see it on the map, sorry. I must be missing it.

          14. Benjamin says:

            The Map is cut off. I need to make adjustments to that page. It will happen soon!

          15. Benjamin says:

            I knew it was an issue on that page, but real life caught up.

          16. Benjamin says:

            No. I have worked a 10 hour day, 2 of it driving to equal 12. Perhaps I can email it to you until it is fixed!

          17. rue202 says:

            Oh, okay. Sorry, didn’t realize. No pressure ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, sure you can email me if you want.

          18. rue202 says:

            Damn! Meant to say email it! I am very tired and worn out at the moment, sorry.

  2. herbthiel says:

    In my humble estimation I think Rue has also earned her Northwich Warrior Society badge as well. You are only giving 2? I had hoped…

    1. Benjamin says:

      I will continue as long as there are submissions! I have one left at this time, probably airing Friday night. Galvin is always looking for talent!
      As for Commander Nicholas, he is quite busy training right now!

          1. rue202 says:

            I have thought of talking about some things about me that I’ve been afraid to talk about before on my blogs, but I don’t want to do that just to get an award.

          2. rue202 says:

            I’m not afraid of the dark – it’s what’s in the dark that kinda scares me (especially after my demonic encounters – but don’t worry, I know to plead the blood and command them to leave even if I am terrified).

      1. herbthiel says:

        I think he might. He doesn’t have a blog, though. He likes that last graphic. I am trying to talk him into helping me do one.


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