Prince Andrew Expelled

Hello, Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here.

Prince Andrew seems to be in hot water with lawsuits ands accusations. There are a lot of points to be made and you are welcome to make them in the comments below. I only have one opinion at the moment after reading this article.

While Prince William and Prince Charles may have been behind Prince Andrew’s expulsion, it was not a ruthless and swift decision as I have read in a slew of articles on the topic.

Prince Andrew

The legal battle began on August 10th, 2021, five months ago. The pros, cons, and analysis of the situation have been hashed out time and again by the royal family.

I just think the news throws words like “ruthless” and “swift” out there for effect.

Royal and military positions are high profile.

When officers at the prison get in hot water, they are put on leave until it is resolved. If it is protocol for low-level assignments, it is undoubtedly a planned choice by the royal family.

My opinion other than that is a wait-and-see approach.

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Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

20 thoughts on “Prince Andrew Expelled

  1. leendadll says:

    I got the impression he was stripped of titles so that he could only be prosecuted as a citizen/person, rather than royal/”business”… like divesti g a board member from a corporation. Esp since it easn’t done till his request to have it dismissed was rejected.

  2. mic says:

    Regardless of whether he has been involved in sexual violence against very naive young girls, I would have no problem hurting such a sexual predator personally.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Ha ha! I kept myself out of the weeds as much as possible. I feel this is a complex case.

      1. Hobbo says:

        Many people are quick to judge things before the full facts are known. happens frequently. πŸ˜’

  3. ThingsHelenLoves says:

    His conduct around dealing with the allegations, as we must call them for now, would have been enough to lose him his patronages and status as a high level, working royal. There is a certain standard expected and strict ways of doing things. He’s made a right old hash of it all. My heart breaks for the Queen though.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you for your input on this, Helen. I would like to see resolution in this.

  4. GP says:

    Too often these days we decide a person is guilty the minute he/she is accused. I’ll wait too.
    BTW, where do he and his family go to live?

    1. Benjamin says:

      I think they are still living at the Royal Lodge, but I am not sure.

      Yeah GP, there is more to this story than meets the eye.

  5. YouLittleCharmer says:

    I have many opinions on this – none of which come without expletives so I won’t share them here.
    Needless to say the sooner this man appears in front of a court the better. πŸ–€

  6. Omatra7 says:

    I don’t usually follow news or happenings unless is certain kind of things … I do not really follow royals

    This seems to be taking long time though – I remember this story from long time ago lol – they need to handle it

    Life is about choices – so choose wisely!!

  7. Cassa Bassa says:

    I agree with the Queen’s decision. If there is another decision more favourable to Andrew, I will be praying for England.

  8. Lady A says:

    I do think that it is right in many ways that this matter will be looked at by a court of justice. This is a mess, a complete mess. There are some very serious accusations here, and I find it hard to believe that they are without some basis. Very few really know what happened. It would not surprise me if the truth was very dark and sinister because of how much has come to light in recent years.

    Where I think Prince Andrew has been very foolish is making out his complete innocence. The world who is watching, although we may not know the truth of what went on behind closed doors, we can see he has made some very foolish decisions when it comes to his choice of associates, friends. Was that due to being swayed, flattered by having friends with money and influence? I think more humility, more acceptance that he has made foolish decisions and has deep regrets, he could even put some partial blame on the very unhealthy culture that existed back then. We all know there was a terrible culture for many years, if not decades with men in power and with wealth (and not exclusively men) treating young and powerless women as castaway toys, and gaining pleasures from them.

    I think there has so much wrong been committed. I am sure many men and women have deep regrets about what went on 20-30 years ago because of the widespread promiscuous culture among “successful” businessmen and other well-known figures at the time. Perhaps some feel now that they have no basis to complain about what happened (because perhaps they were above the legal age for a consenting adult to engage in sexual activities). Where there is a breach of law, it is complex and messy, but it shines a light on the rather disgusting attitudes that were so rampant.

    It is very sad that so much went on that is deeply regrettable, but apparently was technically “legal” and I am sure many do feel shame and embarrassment years later. So I just think Prince Andrew trying to play the innocent, when he was clearly associating with others who were living that lifestyle with such a casual view of sex, it is something that makes him less and less believable, less trustworthy, less appealing, less honourable…..I am being very kind and restrained in my choice of words here.

    I think what I am trying to say is that putting on an innocent front has been a serious blunder that has tarnished his reputation. I think he ought to have been more open about his association and involvement in rather a despicable culture and express deep regret for those attitudes, behaviours and treatment towards young women.

    I do feel an esteem and great affection for HRM Queen Elizabeth II, as well as HRH Prince Charles and HRH Prince William. These three have lived almost their whole lives in the public eye, and the weight upon their shoulders to behave impeccably and responsibly is huge. They are not perfect, and I think especially Prince Charles may have struggled at times with the spotlight on his personal life. But I do think these three have appreciated the importance of humility, not denying mistakes, acknowledging their regrets, and of how they are expected to set an example. Any family would be upset to think of a family member becoming involved in a scandal like this, but I think it is clear that they recognize that regardless of the outcome of the civil court case, Prince Andrew has lost the respect of the public….and that is perhaps more to do with his attitude than anything. He has not exhibited any genuine sense of remorse over his past foolish choices, he has come across as insincere, and he has made himself so much less believable. Reminds me of someone else who has been in the news all week here!

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you for the insightful comment.

      I wonder how many more were involved in all of this. This was no small thing.


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