Brothers Campfire Plants Potatoes

Hello Friends!

I have been rather busy today at Willow Manor Urban Gardens watering, weeding, and looking for socks. I also planted potatoes today.

I have only been marginally successful at this as our ground is hard clay. Carrots are a challenge for this reason as well. There was not a large selection to choose from so we purchased what was available.

The eyes on the potatoes need to point upwards for the plant to grow on the surface and the seed potatoes can be cut in smaller portions to get more plants.

On most of these potatoes, you can see plant growth also known as eyes. The way they are sitting is the way they will be planted.

Dirt by definition, is dirty. Exposing your fresh cut spud to icky things in the soil can make them susceptible to rotting and diseases.

My Rock Tumbler has benefited me in keeping my taters safe. If you look two pictures up, you will see a Ziploc bag with powdered sulphur in it. I will use this as an antiseptic of sorts to inhibit bacteria and fungus growth.

You will also see powdered sulphur in another project I am working on.

Please use gloves! I did not.
Sulphur Powdered Potatoes. Yuck!

Instead of planting the potatoes in the ground, I laid them on the surface and covered them with straw given to me by Widefield Investment Group.

Hopefully this new method will help me grow potatoes this year!

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

65 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Plants Potatoes

  1. herbthiel says:

    Interesting idea. I hope it goes well. I’m sure and that Turlough O’Hagan himself would be proud.

      1. herbthiel says:

        Probably. Although his home soil is more suited for it. I think. I’ve never studied the difference between the soils, but can the soil in Idaho be that much different than here? Again, I don’t know.

        1. Benjamin says:

          I am not sure. I do know my lawn is very compacted and inhibits root growth. I have been amending the soil with straw to loosen it up a little bit. As it rots, I will turn it into the dirt.

          Growing potatos has a lot of science and family secrets behind it. It is an underground business.

      1. Ishaan Sharma says:

        Okay. As of now, my green grams are finally sprouting. They will probably grow over the next three months. Will try a potato next.

          1. Benjamin says:

            Big potatoes are good as well! Smaller ones seem to have richer taste!

          2. Benjamin says:

            I have a post that should come out today. I have been working 4 10 hour shift and gardening a lot. Sorry for letting you down!

          3. Ishaan Sharma says:

            I see. No need to say sorry. I will wait. Thanks for the info. Look forward to today’s post.

          4. Benjamin says:

            I am too exhausted to get a new story post out. The words are written, but I need graphics to go along.

          5. Benjamin says:

            Wednesday to Saturday are long long days! I appreciate your understanding!

          6. Ishaan Sharma says:

            You seem to have a tough job. I also see that you are getting too many comments. I am surprised you can reply to so many people .

          7. Benjamin says:

            I do have an interesting job that take a lot of energy. However, I really enjoy the comments!

          8. Benjamin says:

            Well, you are amazing to talk with. I appreciate our friendship!

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you Lydia! I have not been very successful at planting potatoes. I have done a lot of research to maximize my chances.

      1. Hello! I'm Bernice. says:

        Well. Giving it a shot this summer. My hubby has grown tomatoes and peppers in the past. We now live in the country so we are going to try planting root vegetables. And hopefully store over the winter. But gotta figure that out. I am more of a computer geek than out doors. 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Dad4Gracie says:

    I’ve seen this straw and compost method used before, and it works really well. And I believe it is a lot easier on the potatoes when it’s time for harvesting too. (I don’t like it when my shovel cuts off a slice of one at harvest time.) Should work out great for you!

  3. cheriewhite says:

    Wow! I love this and want to try it! You never know when you may need the know how to survive one day! Thank you for posting! I learned something new!


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