Pizza for Sustained Health

Hello, Benjamin from Brothers Campfire here!

On January 2nd, 2024, I began a weight loss journey, joining a 10-week contest. As of Tuesday the 30th, I am down 25.8 pounds or 13.06 Kilograms

I am not a healthcare professional, but am willing to disclose what I am doing.

For tracking, I am using the free versions of the
Lose It and Fitbit applications. One for food and the other to track calories expended.
While the Fitbit application does not accurately track calories burned, it is consistent, providing information that I can compare against actual weight loss results.

I eat inexpensive vegetables such as carrots, celery, and miscellaneous frozen veggies. When I am super hungry, I will eat plain baked sweet or regular potatoes.

When I feel a craving for meat, I listen to that craving. I eat plain baked chicken, hard-boiled eggs, or fish when I can get it. (mostly tuna and dollar store mackerel).
Dinner is whatever Momma chooses to make.

When folks say eat less and exercise more, I cringe a bit. When you are in a serious calorie deficit, rigorous exercise can be discouraging. I opt for walking, but if you add this to a weight loss program prepare to lose only around 100 calories give or take per mile. For me, I walk up to 10 miles a day, adding around an additional 1000 calorie deficit.

Of these 25.8 pounds, I am going to go out on a limb and say about one-third to one-half of that is fat, and the rest being other materials including water.

I was routinely posting this information on the Nextdoor application on my phone, but I triggered a few who were concerned that I was damaging my organs.

If I am indeed damaging my organs with large quantities of vegetables, I can rest assured in assuming I will live a long time eating pizza, lasagna, Coca-Cola, and Snickers bars the rest of the year.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

16 thoughts on “Pizza for Sustained Health

  1. leendadll says:

    Wow… stunning results. Do you have your gallbladder? Gallstones would be my main concern with rapid weight loss. I can’t remember the name of the other health risk (keto-something?), but I thought that one was only a concern with long-term restrictive diets.

    My new smartwatch is showing what I already knew, my pain has caused me to drop down to.less than1,000 steps a day. Two days ago, it was less than 300 steps. I got new meds and hope I can start moving again.

    Wishing you success for whatever your goal is!!

  2. TamrahJo says:

    Well…all I can say, is… Go for it! However you feel works best for you, your family – your reality – You know what feels good for you, what improves your daily health and what doesn’t – my only great concern, really is…

    OMG! You’re using apps and hardware requiring software that requires you to login and share info/turn on your location and monitor every moment of your life, to give ya what it promised???

    HAVE you not READ the TOC and Privacy Policy??? LOL – but Pizza is sorta a beloved thing, overall that can be made a gazillion different ways, to meet needs or desires, right????

    Ahhh – (drool!) Pizza – the meeting of major food groups that you can often say ‘no’ or ‘yes’ to, no matter what – but still – it’s pizza – bottom layer can be made from grains, or veggies, or combo to meet dietary needs, allergies, sugar worries – then the ‘sauce’ made up of whatever oils, paste, fats, seasonings and aromatics you wish – then the toppings, then the melty comfort food portion, animal based or not – etc., etc.

    Pizza IS the great equalizer on “Um, okay I love pizza, ain’t giving it up, but trying to fix in a different way, to see if it tastes good AND meets current advice given to me on what I should be eating more of/less of –

    LOL – –

    YUM! Pizza ! πŸ˜€

  3. herbthiel says:

    Very cool report. I have heard rumrs that the River of Life in Heaven flows with Coca-Cola but I can’t find chapter and verse.

  4. Cassa Bassa says:

    What you eat seems to be very healthy and balanced. But hey I am no nutritionist.

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