Brothers Campfire Penelope’s Entourage -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 35

A child was born yesterday. A baby boy is the first child to be born in Northwich. Everyone is excited. I am uncommon proud of this.

Penelope is packing up her caravan this morning. She has squeezed every bit of value from Northwich that she could but everyone here is thankful for the items she brought and the break in the monotony. I shivered yesterday when I heard that she bought human bones collected from Old Northwich. It was reported to me that she stated, “great! I will grind them to make bread for giants!” Nothing but coin exists in her mind. All business that one. 

Penelope’s entourage was a little sketchy as well. Devoid of any proper manners, they drank heavily and bellowed out together in song with lewd words better not repeated. One was missing an eye and lifted his patch to display a sickening wound. Another had a hook where his arm had been severed off. All were heavily armed and none of their clothing matched. Penelope led them effectively, however, and they are quick to do her bidding. They remind me of men I have seen in a harbor town.

All of the wildest antics were outside of camp. A few of the swaggering men from Penelope’s crew needed redirecting but it was trivial.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

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