Brothers Campfire Panhandling Proverbs, Gangs of La Longi and Panted Piers-An Ongoing Tale Episode 249

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Daybreak, end of shift.

Captain Rathmore was tired and ready for bed. It was difficult managing his staff and retirement was not long in coming. The supplemental income left a smug satisfaction.

Beggars. It was that time of day. The sun came up and the roaches scattered.

“Spare change, Watchman? “

“Go away!”

More approached, following him.

“Food, coin, I have a family, ” another pleaded.

There were so many beggars. Rathmore just wanted to go home. “FINE,” he shouted, ready to just be rid of them.

He pulled out his coin bag from a satchel he carried and tossed a few coins on the ground. It was amusing watching them struggle over a pittance.

“I like your coin bag, can I have it?” A beggar asked.

“No! I will lop off your hand you filthy mongrel.”

The beggars gathered closely.

“What if I told you it belonged to a friend?”

The beggar lifted a piece of fabric and a string secured to a belt.


The beggar pulled back his hood. It was Octavian, leader of the Zoqem. He smiled and snapped his fingers. At least a dozen men of the society were upon him and realization hit.

“You killed one of ours, Rathmore, and you threatened to cut out my tongue and lop off my hand.”

“I am sorry. I can pay. I have coin and connections.” Captain Rathmore visibly shook.

“For the life of one of the Zoqem, or Daphne’s husband? You will soon wish you were dead, Rathmore.

The tight-knit procession ambled casually through the streets effectively insomuch that those walking to work had no clue what was going on.

It was Violet that addressed them. “Captain Rathmore! So good to see you! Have you seen Wayne? I know I am late, but he forgot his lunch.”

The Captain’s face was already drained of color. His first mistake was killing a Zoqem. His second was the cover up, murdering Watchman Wayne in the harbor.

Octavian nudged him. “Tell her.”

Frozen, he said nothing. Octavian whispered in his ear, “Fair enough, you won’t have your tongue soon anyway.”

Rathmore bellowed, “I threw him in the Harbor!”

Violet was shocked and bewildered.
“What! I don’t understand? He can’t swim!”

Octavian spoke. “Holman’s Pier. You might find him washed up over there.

Violet’s voice elevated three octaves.
” you didn’t help him? “

” He’s a Watchman not a Zoqem. Now get out of here you dumb broad!”

Violet ran to the pier.

Before King James’ brother threw lye on her, she was a dancer and an actress. Her long performances on stage required hours of laborious practice.
Her legs were powerful and she was graceful as any deer.

Heart pounding, she ran up and down the harbor looking for her husband, eyes peeled for a body.

Tears flowed. She would never find his body in all the filth floating in the water.

She sat down and put her head to her knees. Wayne, her husband, who loved her for who she was, gone.

Faintly, she could hear something near a tie off piling. It was Wayne, clinging on for dear life.

Head first, she dove in the water swimming full out. Her strokes were true and she didn’t surface until she felt his body, which surprisingly wasn’t clothed.

“Wayne!” She sputtered, I got you. I am here to take you home! “

Wayne was not well and offered no resistance. She wondered that he made it to the piling.

Pulling Wayne to shore and keeping his head above was not easy as it was some drop into the harbor from the pier.

Some fishermen saw Violet struggle and assisted, building a barrel fire and providing a blanket.

She reflected.
Wayne was never a swimmer and the water made him weak. His mother always feared he would drown and never let him near the water. It was ironic that the Watchman of the La Longi Harbor was such a landlubber.

Weakly, Wayne whispered
“Hi, Violet, I love you.”

“I love you too, Wayne! I was so scared I had lost you! I don’t know how you made it to that pier!”

Wayne rambled, wryly.
“Violet, I kicked my boots off as soon as I hit the water and pulled my pants over my shoulders. I nearly died of fear trying to do it. It kept me afloat long enough to get me something to hold onto.”

He looked around thoughtfully. Violet, We met here, right here at this very pier, not too long ago. This time you saved me.

Violet smiled. “I remember.”

“Let’s go home, Violet. My shift is over and I forgot my lunch.”

Violet smiled, wickedness in her eyes.
“You aren’t going anywhere without pants, Watchman Wayne!”

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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