Brothers Campfire Oh Brother, A Rules Guy -An Ongoing Tale Episode 242

Hello, Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here!

A while back, I trained to walk 35 miles in one day and smashed it. I will be out training again for another lengthy hike so wish me well!

For all of you, I made a pot of coffee so gather ’round and I will spin a quick tale!

It wasn’t the first time I took some misfit to Northwich and it probably will not be my last.

King James saw my point of view and a letter marked with his seal allowed for the release of the pirate’s son, Ashton Gryll.

This Ashton fellow now, he came across a little ill-tempered and sad, head hung low. Perhaps some backwoods air will help.

We knew a few of the same people. In fact, he traveled with Galvin the Bard and worked with Jeptha, a real outdoorsman we affectionately call Beast.

I grew up with The Bard and Beast and had to keep those two in line when they act up. Those two call me Brother.

Galvin the Bard has a strange instrument that is rather hard to describe. It was gifted to him by the Heron tribesmen and he goes around playing it for a coin here and there. He is witty and personable. I envy his easy-going nature.

Jeptha the Beast got his name for a skin condition he no longer has. The man with the Shepherd’s Crook healed him by laying his hands on him. Truth is stranger than fiction I tell you. There is a little something off in how he talks with folks, but he has a heart of gold, something I ain’t got.

I am Emerson Berengar; all rules, by the book, for the most part. Folks see me and say “Oh brother, here comes the rules guy.”
I tend a fire and welcome all to gather around. Folks need a place to go when the night is dark.

Now, back to Ashton. He calls himself a reluctant surgeon. I don’t know what that is all about, but I told him he can be whatever he sets his mind to be. We used to have a guy that could dress injuries, but he went on his way after giving Jeptha a cat.

I think I understand a little; I do not wish to be a Thane, but it was a responsibility given and I have it to do.

Anyway, Ashton can seek opportunities in any way he wishes up in Northwich.

I think picking up strays is what I do when In town and Ashton seems a fine addition to the Campfire. I just want to get back to it.

Netty, my Beloved is there waiting for me to return as well and her breakfasts are epic.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

23 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Oh Brother, A Rules Guy -An Ongoing Tale Episode 242

  1. gifted50 says:

    Cannot wait to see what Ashton gets up to in future tales. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast.

    1. Benjamin says:

      That is rugged terrain with a pack, Lance. Sounds like you did a great job in a potentially unfamiliar environment. The 35 miles I speak of was relatively flat from Pueblo, Colorado to Colorado Springs. I had poweraid stashed every 3 miles to do it.

      Thank you for the compliment. 50 miles in a week with a pack in mountainous, rugged terrain is impressive as well.

      Thanks for dropping by, Lance Thompson!

        1. Benjamin says:

          I agree for the trail. For one day endurance walks, I prefer simple easy to digest sugars after a carb loaded week.

          1. Lance Thompson says:

            On one trip though the AT I ran out of food. Came across this older guy who had Ritz crackers and a tub of peanut butter he gave me cause he was getting off the trail. Lifesaver.

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