North Korean Click Bait

Benjamin, Brothers Campfire here. 

So, the other day, I posted in an attempt to get a click from North Korea, using keywords and leaving links to North Korean websites.

You can read it here if you are interested. 

형제 캠프 파이어는 김정은이나 북한과 전쟁 중이 아닙니다.

I received a higher volume of traffic from Asia, but not from North Korea. (Some of it is from regular readers)

Malaysia 10 🇲🇾

Philippines 8 🇵🇭

Vietnam 6 🇻🇳

China 1 🇨🇳

Taiwan 1 🇹🇼

Japan 1 🇯🇵

Initially, I hypothesized that Malaysian traffic may have been associated with the hermit nation until I did some quick internet research. 

It seems they aren’t on the best of terms as of March, 2021.

You never know with the news and it could be a misinformation game. I may have gotten through.

One reliable thing I have gathered from these antics is if you put a Chinese character in your post, you will probably get at least one view from China. Try it for a non WordPress veiw sometime and see if it work for you.

I must admit, while I like to have a little fun, I don’t wish to walk too far down the road poking bears.

Lửa trại anh em không gây chiến với Kim Jong Un hay Triều Tiên

I would also hate to get in a jam if I visited North Korea.

Well, thats all this go round…. Get it? …. Nevermind.

김정은, 내 구글 번역이 조금이라도 좋다면 너 못생겼다 발냄새나고 엄마 옷 웃기다

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

25 thoughts on “North Korean Click Bait

  1. the mouse says:

    I’m guessing anyone in north Korea using the internet is running through vpns. They wouldn’t be stupid enough to have local up address.

    1. The Storyteller says:

      Yeah, I agree with you. I suspect even the leadership of the country does that as well for security purposes and such.🤠🔥 Nice to hear from you!

      1. the mouse says:

        I’ve heard he has a love affair with american cinema 😏
        Though I may not comment often, I’m always here, brother.

        1. The Storyteller says:

          It is good to hear from you, Murdoch Mouse! I think he likes a lot about the world around him , but would have to relinquish a lot of control to allow outside influences in.

          1. the mouse says:

            I agree. I think we were all hopefully when he took over that things would change. Unfortunately, that ship sailed long ago.

  2. Greg Taniguchi says:

    I have seen China pop up on my search referrals although how are you ranking through google in days? Or are you saying NK is scouring the web via some other than google?

    1. The Storyteller says:

      So, I am using WP Stats and insights. I did not go through Google Analytics as my real goal was to get WP to fill in the “Map”. I am not sure how NK gets the internet, so not sure if I will see it or no. I think I read that Thailand -Based Loxley Pacific provides it.

      I am not sure how they scour the internet.

      1. Greg Taniguchi says:

        Well a hit on a WordPress server by wherever that IP is located is how they aggregate that data, although when it comes to finding you, that’s another story. The vast majority of bloggers on WordPress are not ranking on “the internet” (they’re sort of invisible). When you search google, you’re searching Googles archived data which is why their results are so fast. Except you only appear after having a bot scour your data, and for Google to rank you amongst the millions of pieces of content in the world, you have to have content people are searching for. That right there takes months to do although it can be shorter in some cases… I write some content that the Chinese won’t like, so I’m like you, I was like “oh crap, China is appearing,” especially since Google is banned in China.

        1. The Storyteller says:

          I like to write in simplified Chinese, “Free speech is a basic human right”

          It almost always will get a view.

  3. Gersom Clark says:

    Hmmm. Maybe 4 of those coning from the Philippines came from me as I liked your previous post lately. Happy Thanksgiving Ben and blessings to you and your family!

    1. The Storyteller says:

      Yeah, it was. I pulled Google Analytics and was unable to see any North Korean traffic. I did see additional clicks from the region as a whole.


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