Marty Faces Adversity

We at Brother’s Campfire are proud of Marty. Here is his debut recording. Marty, YouTube

Brother’s Campfire, Yo

Marty, the Motivated Mower is not a storyline character. He is the real deal and has been hard at work recording. 

Marty, The Real Deal

Soon, a new music video will be out. 

Marty Faces Adversity

I wrote a poem 

I will present

about lawn mowed

You won’t regret

I’m Marty, The Motivated Mower

2 Horsepower Brigg and Stratton

Motivated, ready for action.

I’m Marty, the Motivated Mower.

Weeds are high, trouble ahead

Here I am, ( pause)   out of shed

I can’t wait to get out of bed

You already know, What was said

I’m Marty the Motivated Mower

I might stall in the weeds,

But pour on in some gasoline,

No word for giant in Marty’s World

  If I stall, just pull the cord

Facing trouble ain’t no thing

Singing sword It does ring

Little known King Arthur Knight

Single blade, put up a fight

Cause I’m Marty, The motivated mower

Don’t you quit when the chips are down

     Tell that problem you a clown

Face your trouble , you are facing

Put spark in plug, get metal casing

Push the limits to your machine

Win the battle. Just like me

Like Marty, the Motivated Mower.

2 Horsepower Brigg and Stratton, 

listen to the noise and action

Watch my blade put up a fight

Singing sword Arthur’s Knight

Marty ..Marty The Motivated Mower

Author: The Storyteller

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