Brothers Campfire Lord Rainport’s Revenge -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 116

Lord Rainport rode to the outskirts of Northwich on his warhorse. He still had a few tricks up his sleeve and it was time to finish what he had started. Domination of La Longi was still a viable option. He knew where to find the portal. 

There was a shepherd in the field. He hated shepherds. He called his sheep and they knew his voice. The shepherd’s voice grated on him.

A donkey brayed in the distance and out of nowhere a goose ran up honking wildly.

Wilfred, a good judge of character

A fully armoured man with a warhorse and a lifetime of training is not one to trifle with. 

The men of Northwich would return to see his signature mark on all the townspeople. The thought pleased him.

The families of the 16 knew Lord Rainport and ran to their houses in terror. 

He lit a torch and rode up to a dwelling. Savagely, he yelled, 

“Death by fire or sword?” He torched the thatched roof of the home and laughed, riding to the next one. The houses were built together for security, simplifying matters for Rainport.

Coughing from the smoke, a disabled man with a bad hip struggled out of a house with his cane.

He rode upon him. “So you will die by the sword then?”

The man was terrified.

“Answer me!” 

He rode his mount over him, knocking him down. A voice cried, “Daddy!”  and a child ran out. 

Lord Rainport savored the moment.

“So, a father and a daughter die together. Who will die first? Daddy, or Daddy’s little girl?”

He stepped his mount with skill. A hoof landed on an arm, snapping it. The man screamed. 

Dismounting, his horse stayed and he reached for the child. “I have a ritual that requires blood. Yours will do just fine.” She screamed for her father who was helpless to do anything.

“Be still,” a voice commanded.

The growing flames subsided. The horse sidestepped and kneeled.

The Man with the Shepherd’s Crook bent down and touched the crippled man’s arm. It mended. He scrambled to his feet and hobbled toward his daughter who had narrowly avoided Lord Rainport. 

Lord Rainport drew a sword.

The Shepherd’s Crook Man looked at Lord Rainport. “Why do you come with a sword? I am but a shepherd.”

“Ah, shepherd. You will do for my ritual. I have a portal to open.”

He tied the shepherd’s arms and attached a lead to his saddle. The shepherd did not fight and went willingly.

It would be a pleasure to kill a shepherd. He rode out of Northwich and headed toward the land of the pequin.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

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