LinkedIn With Catfish And Chatbots

Hello! Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here.

Several days ago, I began working on a LinkedIn account. If you feel you can benefit by connecting, by all means do so. No…. Scratch that. Please connect with me. I will explain later.

It was actually pretty liberating to attach a picture of me camping on the businesses network site .

Puffy Eyes, Disheveled Look. Yes.

I was quite suprised when the ladies began to start hitting on me. It started with 3 people asking if I was married right off the bat. Mortified, I told my Beloved and deleted the contacts.

I became curious, and accepted more link invitations.

I was more intrigued about this and kept my Beloved in the loop. No need for drama with a chatbot. This one was interesting. I took a direct approach to this connection.

I cut off the last part for brevity. Kathy said, “Lol”.

Time to put the dog outside.

Here is Wanda. She sells something very special.

Wand did not know I was collecting these, but I did not hesitate to tell her. She did not care, she had something to sell.

I was willing to pay and she had a supply of Brother’s Campfire ready for distribution.

Another. In my year of WordPress, I do not recall this question being asked so many times. “Are you married?” I have conducted myself in a way that my Beloved can read over my shoulder

So far, this is my LinkedIn experience. I need you, my fellow readers an bloggers to connect with me there so I don’t have these kind of interactions.

You can find me Here. Please…. Save me from the chat bots.

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

107 thoughts on “LinkedIn With Catfish And Chatbots”

  1. I suppose that asking if you are married to a chatbot would only be asking for trouble so I won’t. This is almost as much fun as scamming a scammer.

    1. Nobody is a chat box . This said man Benjamin messaged me initially.mind what you read online . People create fake stories to gain views and comments on media . A certain man named Benjamin messaged me initially . Is ” Are you married ”
      I am Theresa Fisher and I am happily married with 2 kids.

      Don’t believe this physcopath

      1. Ho Theresa, all are welcome to the Campfire. I have made an honest effort to respond to your numerous comments.
        Know you are representing them with Gender Bias or do you ask every customer if they are married?

        Theresa, it is important to separate business from personal life when engaging with customers.

  2. I am sorry for your time wasting but entertaining experience. I have just sent request to you to add on linkedin. I hope you and your beloved had a giggle out of it at least.

    1. It’s a Fake experience he is putting up to get comments & likes .
      I am Theresa Fisher and I believe any responsible mother with kids will ask a man . Who message her first with sweet words ” Are you married”

      Don’t believe this story .
      Benjamin is a pathological Lair .
      My lawyers are coming for you .

      Don’t believe fake news

    1. It’s a Fake experience he is putting up to get comments & likes .
      I am Theresa Fisher and I believe any responsible mother with kids will ask a man . Who message her first with sweet words ” Are you married”

      Don’t believe this story .
      Benjamin is a pathological Lair .
      My lawyers are coming for you .

      Don’t believe fake news

      1. My husband and I also read these ridiculous messages from people from the opposite sex and we laugh about it all the time.
        These stories are true and they happen on any platform that allows direct message. I am just surprised that it also happens on Linkedin.
        I believe this story.

    1. It’s a Fake experience he is putting up to get comments & likes .
      I am Theresa Fisher and I believe any responsible mother with kids will ask a man . Who message her first with sweet words ” Are you married”

      Don’t believe this story .
      Benjamin is a pathological Lair .
      My lawyers are coming for you .

      Don’t believe fake news

      1. Hello Theresa, I make a hard effort to maintain honesty in my posts. You did ask if I was married in a conversation I saved when I was trying to assertain if the conversation I was having was credible. I find it interesting that
        Has gender bias with thier customers when you represent them.

        In fact, has a CAPTCHA to determine if the customer is real and not a bot. A customer should have equal time in determining if a company is as well.

          1. The link will not copy from YT for some reason, but a young lady came to an event and sang Amazing Grace a capella. Shivers down your spine good. I did a post on that as well.

          1. Clever! Honey, I know that you’re married. don’t be adding me into the flock you have going there. It was a yolk to go with your duck eggs that will be thrown your way! Yes, bless her,.., 🤣

          2. Cindy, thank you. There are some bad apples out there, and good eggs like you stay carefully in my basket. Have you ever heard of the Puking Peasant Inn?

          3. soooo funny.. !!! you’re killing me! I might nominate you for another award, be careful. I’m gonna have to do my 8 is Great one again if I accept. 🤣

          4. I like to promote sites in what I see as more effective methods. Like for instance, if you gave me a quick workout routine and I try it, it will get more veiws than a blogger award. Google is smart enough to catch those backlinks as invalid anyway.

            I like the personal connection method.

    1. It’s a Fabricated story for Clout and comments

      I am Theresa Fisher and this said man who wrote this Article added me up to sweet talk me. I asked him “Are you married ” he took a screenshot and posted it here .

      I am a happy mother with 2 kids

      Don’t believe this story . It’s Fabricated

      1. Hello Theresa, thanks for stopping by. Fortunately, I am fairly good at saving things, particularly online conversation.

        On a professional level, I will make it abundantly clear that I asked about the weather. You connected with me, and out of obligation I responded with a message to you.

        I have removed your part in in my post and it still stands. I wonder, do you ask all of your customers if they are married at ?

        I also wonder if approves of you representing the company this way.

  3. I am Theresa . Honestly I see no crime in asking a man who first engage in a conversation if he is married / not . And screenshot personal conversations for clout on LINKEDIN . “Are you married” a crime . I endulge all readers of this article to take this down or I will report this Article by myself . What Nonsense . This LinkedIn Authorities have to question people who write article about nother to gain view and comment. All false Mr Benjamin theil wrote me intially so if the Question”. Are you married ” insinuate Scam or obtaining by pretenses. mind what you read Because I am Theresa and this Benjamin is a complete Fool .

    1. Hello Theresa, I see in your header that you are representing

      Asking about marriage has little relevance in a professional conversation which I assume you are attempting to have flying the
      banner on this comment thread.

      You are welcome to report this article as you see fit. I see it is the opinion of that Benjamin Thiel is a fool. Dually noted. Are you the owner?

        1. Ha ha! After this post, one of my “lads” from this group who was grooming me oh so carefully from the information derived from the others deleted all content and blocked me.

  4. I am on linkedin, but I rarely ever check it out. I’ll look you up the next time I’m over there… I actually need to refresh the link from wordpress.
    I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been “hit on” on twitter and facebook. There was this one guy, pretending to be a famous actor, telling me he wanted to marry me and he loved me oh so much. I played along until he started asking for money.

      1. it’s annoying…not Brother’s tCampfire…but I’ve learned it comes with the territory and just to laugh and ignore it. I’ve always enjoyed the campfire 🙂

    1. Ha ha. I allowed around 12 requested connections and I thanked them for connecting…. Then wow. Learned my lesson. I am sure you can connect with the names below and get a similar experience.

  5. Also just FYI… I would love to add you to my linked in … but like Facebook I don’t do any of that…

    My ex is very brutal and keeps tabs on me through anything he can find… I lay low and show no activity – just here which he has no idea about

    I don’t want him knowing anything about my life or anything else

    I want no way for him to come at me… I am careful and I don’t trust him… so I’ll have to wait on that, just for right now. ✌️

    I still have fear with him and he still watches – I am afraid of things he could possibly do – he has always been brutal so just trying to stay safe right now ✌️

    1. That is unfortunate that you have to keep a low profile. Trisha, social media is shallow anyway. Your posts are piwerful and full of meaning in relation to daily living and family.

      I believe I extended a more personal invatation to be family, not a statistic on a profile, and it still stands.🤠🔥

      1. My posts on Facebook were the same, but my ex is brutal and I don’t trust him so I just stay quiet. Is better. I don’t have to worry about what he will do that way, and I can kinda have a life without total fear.

        Thank you very much ❤️

    1. Ha ha! It mostly is proffessional. I have followed several of these scammers to the conclusion and usually it ends up where you use a cash app to pay them for a service.

  6. I have the same issues with LinkedIn. I ignore and block them and I have reported a few. Thank you for following my blog and I connected with you on LinkedIn.

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