Housekeeping and Construction

Hello Friends! 

In my last post I was asked by Cassa Bassa and Ishaan Sharma if they could read my site fully in the WordPress Application. On a PC, I am pretty sure you can view it from the Reader, but not so much on Android. I have reached out to Herb Thiel and WordPress to see if this can be done. WordPress Reader has not shown much kindness in indexing my categories and tags, either, so I am a little grumpy with them. I will ask, do these look better on the WordPress App or on the web?

Dark and dreary setting a tone
Choice of Font and Heading
The ability to share on other platforms. I did not know I could pin your work, Ishaan. I apologize for not checking.
You Are Pinned Friend!!!!!


Yesterday, I posted a photo of an exotic breakfast and did not know what to call them. They are called Korean Street Eggs.

I enjoyed them again this morning. Thanks again, Beloved!

The ingredients include, Eggs,cheese, cabbage,carrots,garlic,ginger and Korean hot sauce. 

This is on point!!!!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

56 thoughts on “Housekeeping and Construction”

  1. I can see things fine in Android reader. I’m having similar problems with .org. tags are not seen in reader. I’m not even sure that any of my posts are showing up in reader at all

          1. When you check again, let me know the URL it directs to. I saw some page views at the now defunct temp URL I got from Bluehost before domain moved over.

          2. fyi that I just got “webpage not available” for a site. Subsequent clicks showed a blank page. So whatever was buggy yesterday is still messed up today.

  2. I mainly use the phone app these days but sites with custom address, and for some reason an occasional photo, only open in web view.

      1. Judt confirmed wp was making updates. The app now displays more buttons when viewing a comment. I feel like it only showed reply before. Now there’s Approval status, spam, reply, trash, and edit.

        I’m gonna edit something to see what happens.

  3. I found Android, not just wp, being wonky today. Links don’t seem to be launching a browser, or I get a blank page. But they work fine if I type in the address.

  4. I can know view your whole posts on Reader instead of only an excerpt like before where I’d actually have to go onto the site itself to finish reading the post, so thank you.
    It’s easier with a PC then using a mobile, I’ve noticed, as you have more room on the PC screen than that small mobile screen. But that’s just me.
    Nice breakfast!

    1. I am glad you like it! Personally, it saddens me a little as I worked so hard on making my site just so. I will get over it though! Thank you for the insight!!!

    2. Same here… see whole posts instead of except + link, in Reader on phone.
      The other way didn’t bother because a lot of other people I follow are displayed the same.

      1. It’s annoying when we only get an excerpt + link, to tell you the truth. I’m relieved that my blog doesn’t do that – if it suddenly did, I wouldn’t know how to fix it, LOL!

          1. A lot of blogs show up that way so I thought it was an automatic setting within the app. Is that not correct? Were you using the “show excerpt” option?

          2. I’ve seen it on the full/desktop version. I just found something similar in the app but it’s a pain to access/use.

  5. Very bad wp update… not only can I now easily edit comments on my blog (always possible but took effort, now there’s an option at the bottom of the comment but…
    I can also easily edit replies to me on other blogs… like this one.
    See my post for screenshots.

      1. I take that back. I’m still seeing it for some comments. I haven’t investigated but it looks like it’s back to only comments on my blog – so, same as what was always there but used to be less obvious. I’ve never liked the option. It’s okay to let me delete a comment but I shouldn’tbe able to edit something I didn’t write.

        I’ve wanted to be able to edit comments I’ve left… correct typos or delete things. That would be a value-added feature!!

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