Hey There Delilah my Ducky

Hello Friends. Let’s talk.

I have a duck named Delilah Eyela that was given to me with a few complications that have worsened since she came to Willow Manor 8 months ago. Recording of Her First Arriving.

It was with sadness that I had to text my friend.

My friend was quite supportive and asked if I needed anything. I really appreciate that she permitted me to do what had to be done if necessary.

The forward cant is really hurting her and her ability to keep up with the other ducks. I got an old t-shirt to try and devise a sling of sorts to prop her upward. Delilah Eyela did not approve.

I noticed my neighbor Natasha watching me get beat up by a 14 pound duck and she asked, “What… Are you doing to the duck?” I informed her about the condition of the duck and she shook her head. ” In my country, we raised ducks and geese. You need a baby onesie.” When I asked her where she was from she proudly stated, “Russia!”

Natasha had just given birth to a beautiful child several weeks ago and you would never know it as hard as she works. She informed me that she had a lot of extra baby clothes. She insisted that I take two. Quickly, because Delilah was murderously angry with me, I slipped the onesie over her neck. It fit, raising her head up a good 2 inches!

Unfortunately, she was able to wriggle out of it so I asked my Beloved to sew the neck. (of the onesie)

So far, it has been working! She can now stand tall among the other ducks!

If I can get her to wear the onesie, I will sew fishing weights on the back of the outfit to tilt her further upright. While this will not rectify her sneezing problem, I am hoping that effectively helping her posture will keep her from prolapse. It is worth a shot and Delilah Eyela is worth every effort! Thank you Natasha for you advice and your generosity. You are the best kind of Neighbor!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

62 thoughts on “Hey There Delilah my Ducky”

          1. That was an incredible service!
            To show how much I enjoyed it, right after it ended, I went outside for a 15 min jog in the PERFECT weather and watched the sunset.

  1. I like people like Natasha who are direct. Maybe she felt sorry for you in your struggles. What a great idea. In fact, I hope that Delilah is soon feeling just ducky.

  2. Hope Delilah gets better.
    Have you considered consulting a vet?
    Oh, and I know its a duck and not a human, but you could try some warm water for it to drink, to control the cold, incase that is how it works…

          1. Hmm…
            Difficult and lengthy to explain.
            Maybe you can search it up.
            Oh, and if you have extra time, you can also search up Ayurveda.
            It is usually for humans, but also contains information about useful animals.

  3. The world needs more Natasha’s who will speak up and offer a non-judgmental piece of advice. Hoping all works out for Delilah!

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