Generosity expands at Brothers Campfire

Benjamin, Brothers Campfire

O430 comes early. Prayer, Coffee, feed ducks, shower, blog, wake up kids, go to work.

The days end at 9 or 10 PM is fast, and many days I feel like fading into the shadows much sooner.

Go I must. I want to be productive.

In productivity, a quality I admire is generosity.

It is an expectation of men to be so.

In that broadness of the statement are many facets.

I will keep it general; men are expected to provide concrete and abstract resources and security to their communities and well they should.

Historically, it is so, and so it is designed.

Our culture today does not call for that.

On this “viral” Tik Tok, a young lady walked away from a job orientation due to a new coworker telling her she “wasn’t going to like it.”

Ha ha ha ha! I am sorry little princess, but here is a reality check for you. You are going to have to do things you don’t like when you don’t want to do them.

Oh, or you can find a man that can provide those resources for you, a sugar daddy if you will.

Well, thats good and all until he wants some sugar.

You aint gotta tell me twice, she has some growth potential.

I have growth potential as well. As I ascend to 200 pounds on my small frame, it is time to gerenerously share portions of my plate to others. Is there anyone out there that could use 30 pounds of fat? It is not an abstract resource and I am looking forward to being a man and distributing it to others.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

19 thoughts on “Generosity expands at Brothers Campfire

  1. Under the mask.. says:

    🤦Tik Tok! It seems kinder than Twitter but may be weirder. As for the 30 lbs., hang onto them a while– I think they’re handy in your line of work!

    1. Benjamin says:

      You may be right on the weight. More of me to throw around. I am fairly spry with all this padding…..

  2. herbthiel says:

    My experience beyond the 200 mark is that it is a LOT easier to add on than take off. If you can get rid of it to someone, I would be willing to share, too.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Well I suppose I have a level of pride in my girth, but I am trying to lose it. I do not see a problem with admiring gwnerosity in others or aspiring to be so.

      1. hgamma says:

        Nun, ich nehme an, ich bin stolz auf meinen Umfang, aber ich versuche, ihn zu verlieren. Ich sehe kein Problem darin, die Vornehmheit anderer zu bewundern oder danach zu streben.

        Den Stolz
        kann man vergessen
        die vornehme Gesellschaft
        allabendlich im Schlips und Kragen

        was muss das
        was für eine
        Schwerstarbeit sein
        im Geld
        im Ruhm
        mit aller Macht
        über alles hinweg
        zu den Sternen
        mit eigenem Antrieb
        sich der Schwerkraft
        ins Paradies
        der Auserwählten
        zu fliegen

          1. hgamma says:


            Danke, ich meine es nicht poetisch, ich meine das wirklich so.

  3. mattsnyder1970 says:

    Eventually that girl will realize that no job is without its own set of issues. The fact that she took someones word as opposed to her own conclusions says a lot about her character.

  4. Omatra7 says:

    I don’t do social media – only this … the rest is negative and mentally damaging

    And wait a minute – that is YOUR view on how men have to be …

    I had a satan who was extremely violent in all ways and awful person – black heart – did not take care of his family or community

    It depends on the man you speak of – not all are created equally

    And women have even more expectations and have to work twice as hard as a man to prove self in a business world – yet still pay is not equal or rights

    That girl looks young and seems entitled with that, which doesn’t surprise me.

    She will learn – life will teach her eventually – girl in for rude awakening

    I can’t say much about weight, has never been issue to me … I had opposite problem … I had a condition that made me lose weight no matter what I ate … if you think that be awesome it is not…

    Is health condition and people used to be so rude with it and ask if anorexic or just go on and on about how skinny I was – I was always a skinny kid – I was athletic … but after a child I had a medical condition that made me drop massive weight

    People were rude as calling someone fat is – especially when is health condition!!

    I don’t have anymore – am in remission of condition … now am just normal – love my curves and proportions ❤️ but I always did – I don’t pay mind to rude people – just shows me who I deal with.

    Are you healthy and active?

    Some peoples genetic make up dictates that

    One of my family members by marriage into family – she was like 350/400 lbs… but I swear she be healthier than me!! She would ask me to come do Zumba at 4am … fricken nope 👎

    But that woman went regardless and even still

    She had stomach staple thing – I support her 100% love her any way that she is ❤️

    But she is much happier now and you would never know

    She still has some body issues but I think that is mostly from society – she is beautiful and beautiful person in heart

    She makes sure to always exercise and eat right ❤️

    I would say – just make sure you are healthy and make healthy decisions 😊❤️✌️

    1. Benjamin says:

      Yes. It is my view that men should generously provide resources to their families and communities.

      For the other part, sorry that your medical condition made it difficult to gain weight. I am glad that is better now.

      I am very active and can outpace people a lot younger than me. I have a tendency to hurt my back if I get too much belly though!

      1. Omatra7 says:

        Well I do exactly what your view of a man is – but I am not a man … I am woMAN lol – but I am same… always have been / always will

        Thank you, I’m glad too ❤️

        Do you take walks? Maybe with your fam? You be surprised how much that helps… but have to do daily

        You wouldn’t think simple walks could do anything … but is good for losing weight or toning body and also good for mental health also 😊 just a simple walk maybe every evening – over time will make BIG difference

        I know you say you are active but sometimes depends on activity

        I am active -ish… I can not lift things well – I am not supposed to at all, and hurts anyway. I can not lift a casket and sometimes people order marble urns ⚱️… I can not lift those ☹️ I always need help – cancer & surgeries slowed me down significantly

        But a walk de-stresses and adds an activity that can melt belly fat 😊

        It is easy and wonderful activity if able to find the time. 😊

        1. Benjamin says:

          Hey, Women can be generous as well. I am down with that. Generally speaking historically, men typically have provided the brunt of raw materials to the world for women and children.

          As for physically active, that I am.

          1. Omatra7 says:

            Well I will say… there are things a man can do that I can not do, and given my limitations it accentuates those things

            I have a wonderful male neighbor who since day I move in – helps me by bringing trash barrels down to street… and he brings them back…

            He does before I even can – he is very kind and thoughtful and knows I work a lot and have issues … he’s really sweet

            He does from kindness of heart nothing else – no expectations with it or bad things ❤️

            I sometimes bring him fruit or things when able 😊 I very much so appreciate his help and kindness

            As far as significant other – I did not have a decent one… or kind for that matter – I have nothing nice to say about him … he was raised wrong and is mental

            Well walking 🚶‍♀️ even casually… helps with belly – you can google …

            Increased heart and lung health… reduces risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes etc- many things – tones and melts body fat over time

            Even a nice long relaxing walk can help

            I’m sure you do get lots of exercise – you go to gym right? Plus all the work in yard and things

            But a walk your fam could enjoy with you and then everyone reaps benefits ❤️ does not have to be strenuous – even simple walks make difference ❤️ and is moment away from crazy world to connect with family or self 😊

            I just mention because you mentioned belly… I know walking makes difference in that area… so I just put it out there 😉✌️

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