Brothers Campfire Gangster Butterfly -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 138

Galvin the Bard was strolling down the docks west of the river  and met two lovebirds he recognized quite well from the Puking Peasant Inn.

Watchman Wayne and Violet.

He doffed his hat as they passed by. 

Watchman Wayne had asked for help with a wee bit of poetry, but Galvin refused. 

It was Watchman Wayne’s woo.

.Now…. The Story…..

Galvin was on his way to a coffee shop.

Coffee shops weren’t really Galvin the Bard’s venue, but the shop owner had a street gang with reservations and no entertainment scheduled. 

Galvin was disgusted.

Two rival gangs in this section of town had the most ridiculous handles;

The Fighting Monarchs 

and the Sellsword Swallowtails.

He entered the shop to see some of the most wretched colors ever. Yellow, black, and indigo. 

The Sellsword Swallowtails? 


What would they come up with next?

They were expecting him all right. When he entered, twenty something twenty somethings chanted,

” Galvin, Galvin Galvin!”

It was weird, but business is business.

Not missing a beat, Galvin took the center of the room.

“Sellwords, here’s what I have to say to the Fighting Monarchs!”

“Flutter by, Butterfly!”

They loved it. Had he tried that line at the Puking Peasant he would be tomato ridden.

“I have a song from a dear friend named Jeptha.” He is an ardent admirer of butterflies and all things intricate.”

“I changed the words a little and I call it,”

“Gangster Butterfly”

The twenty something twenty somethings clapped and the ladies whistled.

The Bard wondered what was really in the coffee.

Coffee Roulette Anyone?

Carefully taking the strange instrument given to him by the Heron out of his bag, He tested its tune. It sounded true.

Galvin played and sang,

I started from the bottom I started life as an egg

Avoiding lady bugs wasps and spiders quite a drag.

Predators abounded, this cat trying to be a pillar


I’m the real deal,  a B Fly not a miller

Not a Miller Moth

I started at the bottom life as an egg

Now I deal in pollen got life in the bag.

For me I know you swoon, when I came from my cocoon

But you don’t know me homie when I was eating leaves like bologna

You wouldn’t take time to look at this

until after I emerged from my chrysalis  

I started at the bottom life as an egg

Now I deal in pollen got life in the bag.

You like my purple bling You like my yellow span

Did you ever stop and think, pain and beauty go hand in hand?

Life without a struggle makes one superficial

Lets keep it real, like on the official.

I started at the bottom life as an egg

Now I deal in pollen got life in the bag.

Me, I’m on point, straight up swallowtail

I represent my family,

Cousin monarch mamby pamby


Monarchs eat milkweed like it’s the only flower,

I say Equal Opportunity, bet your bottom dollar.

I started at the bottom life as an egg

Now I deal in pollen got life in the bag.

Lived the hard life now I’m paying restitution,

Got caught slippin for pollen distribution.

The Sellsword Swallowtails Loved It!

The Sellsword Swallowtails quickly initiated Galvin into their gang and gave him an embroidered work in the fashion of a butterfly for his garment.  They were a little hasty and excited.

Galvin would not be wearing it anytime soon. 

He was just glad it was over.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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