Dog Days, Strays, And Linked In Plays, At Campfire Stays.

Hello, Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here!

It was good to hear from Steve today in the last post. He always has such amazing stories. He has plenty more at and I look forward to Chapter 2!

Today, well, was crazy. I was putting my things in the car preparing for work when a dog leapt on me!

As many of you know, I am a little jumpy around stray dogs. I have been attacked numerous times.

Not this one. Out of the blue, this little guy jumped into my car! He was camera shy!

He was really friendly and I coaxed him out of my car and into the yard. Several minutes later, the owners came and got him. It was a great story to tell my work when I was late, but I doubt they believed a word I said.

This is the second time recently that a dog has run to my house looking for refuge. Back in December, we had a dog named Bubbles show at our doorstep and we found the owner with a little work.


Don’t these dogs know how leary I am of them?

Well, I don’t know, but both were positive experiences.

In other news, breathing was much easier today and I walked 5.01 miles. I am not nearly as exhausted as yesterday. I made time to pray, read my Bible and I stayed under my calorie count, so all on all, not too shabby.

Expanding my horizons, I have been trying my hand at Linked In posts. While I get a lot of views in comparison to time spent there, this is my crowd. You, yes you, are a much better crowd for sincerity and a feeling of community. Linked In posts are stressful, well planned endeavors. Here, I am free and at ease in my thoughts and thankful for all of you!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

53 thoughts on “Dog Days, Strays, And Linked In Plays, At Campfire Stays.

      1. ashok says:

        Yes Benjamin – God is so kind 🙏

        Your friendship 😊 And prayers for the success of my first book 😊

          1. ashok says:

            I am told the Ebook would be ready in a week and the book Preview too would be added 😊
            Am learning something new everyday!

          2. The Storyteller says:

            Ashok, I hate to ask, bit will you send that link to me on my contact page? It is not working here and I honestly want to take a look.

      1. Sara Altaf Khan says:

        Dogs are very loyal and friendly compared to human. They are so loving. Maybe fear in your mind because of dog attack.

        1. The Storyteller says:

          I think so. I have been attacked several times. They are wonderful creatures, however. It is always nice to hear from you, Sara!

  1. Paquerite says:

    And hi Benjamin,
    It’s crazy this story of a dog climbing in the car …
    I am like you I do not trust dogs, I love them but I have been attacked several times …
    Since then I have been extra careful, some dogs are weird and unpredictable. and often the owners are responsible for the bad shots of their animals. next to my house there is a vast public forest where dogs should all be on a leash, and everyone cheerfully unties their dog, it’s unbearable, so I gave up my walks or running , You’re wasting your breath.
    I congratulate you on your diet, it’s good to hang on, you will get a lot of comfort and satisfaction.
    Me from today I undertake a great diet and I am followed by a great coach. I decided to take care of myself; Lately I haven’t been doing well at all, my father is doing very badly, and he continues his silly things. I decided to take a step back and take care of myself!
    I thank you for your news, it is a pleasure to follow you even if I am not necessarily regular at the moment, I have moments of less well and sometimes I fall back on myself.
    Je t’embrasse Benjamin

    1. The Storyteller says:

      Dogs can be unpredictable, as well as the owners. I am excited for you that you have a coach and a plan! I will keep your father in my prayers. Jesus is the answer.
      It is good to hear from you, and I hope things take a turn for something more positive in the future. If you need anything, let me know.


      1. Paquerite says:

        You are adorable !!
        Yesterday I saw my coach and I am very satisfied, thanks to him almost 20 years ago I had lost 20 kilos, I wish myself the same.
        This man is incredible, he has an enormous charisma and above all he instilled enormous motivation in these patients.
        With him I know that I will succeed, and then, I want to succeed!
        I wish you a good day, I’ll tell you about my progress;)
        see you soon Benjamin

      1. Americaoncoffee says:

        But how loving and cute for them to pursue you. I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend dear friend.🔔🍮🍂🍂🍮❤️

  2. Dr Christa van Staden says:

    The second one is a Miniature Schnuazer, seems to be a pure bread. Expensive dogs. This one is a salt and pepper one, you also get black and silver. And they love people, do not loose hair, learn a lot and are certainly a man’s best friend (woman’s in my case).

    1. The Storyteller says:

      Well, that is good to know. They were both fine looking dogs with excellent temperaments. Thanks for the identification!

        1. The Storyteller says:

          I have been attacked by dogs a few times. I don’t think a terrier would be good around my ducks either. I did like these little guys.

  3. Cindy Georgakas says:

    Such a cute little dog!
    They definitly sense a great person when they see one even if you’re afraid or smell a good hand out. 🤣 don’t get bit again ❤️

  4. leendadll says:

    Awww… dogs finding you reaffirms that you have the good juju!! Many lost dogs bonded my last neighborhood. Now it’s new neighbors and stray cats.

    I’m sooooooo very glad you’re feeling better! I was watching an NHK World (Japan) documentary on the pandemic and struck by how I take “an elephant sitting on my chest” for granted!! Does that make me more prepared??

    LinkedIn is toooo much pressure!!

    1. The Storyteller says:

      I do not wish for anyone to get Covid. That is for sure. Especially someone with underlying conditions.

      Dogs scare me. Perhaps I should stop wearing peanut butter cologne.

          1. leendadll says:

            It feels like a high school reunion, or maybe high school itself… everyone trying to appear so impressive instead of being natural. I only use it to research interviewers and connect with a few coworkers from my past.

          2. The Storyteller says:

            I agree. I have looked in some detail at funnel marketing tactics and there is a lot of that. You are welcome to connect.

    1. The Storyteller says:

      I would assume this to be the truth, but all that is in the past and has passed.
      Now, if a fly were to eat what passed, and the dog ate the fly, would history repeat itself?

      1. dumbestblogger says:

        That sounds right, but the reason that the dog ate the fly was because it was dark and the dog couldn’t see the fly. It was a fly by night.


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