Compost, Camping, Red Dots, and Dishes

Hello, Benjamin from Brothers’s Campfire here!

I would like to apologize for all of my late replies to your comments as I was out in the mountains camping.

It was so cool not having cell service as overall, we spend way too much time on our phones and technology when we should be enjoying the great big world God created.

The trip was amazing. We got up before the sun did at 0430 hours and arrived on Thursday at 0630 or so. Because there were many others scheduled to attend and I did not wish for them to get lost, I posted colors.

A Beautiful Flag

The crew I roll with every year knows the drill. Work first, play later, no exceptions. In no time, we gathered all the firewood we would need for ourselves and the next occupant of the campsite, dug a toilet and pitched our tents.

Well, I constructed a tarp shelter that I forgot to take a picture of, the Twelve Year Veteran of life elected to sleep in a hammock, and my nephew built a tree stand.


By 0930, all our work was done and we spent the remaining time on all kinds of adventures to include hiking, climbing boulders, observing wildlife, and playing army. Culinary adventure is worth mentioning and brings it’s own excitement to the empty stomachs of growing boys.

As an active participant, I did not take home a lot of pictures, but rather a few sore spots, scrapes, and bruises playing young men games.

The world renowned blogger, Herb Thiel was present and brought personality and order to an otherwise unruly bunch of youths ready for the warpath.

There is something about camping that brings the wild out in young men and I am no exception. While requiring a little more care in my diet and additional sleep, I matched them step for step in adventurous endeavor insomuch as I was accused of being the “Red Dot Sniper.”

Apparently, someone in our mid sized group of men and boys likes to run around with a laser dot and toy machine gun and play cat and mouse games. It would take extraordinary skill, endurance and dexterity to do all the things they describe so in a way I am flattered at the charge.

All good things must come to an end and we packed up Saturday morning. No one rolled over in their sleep (see above photos) and I suppose all is well that ends well.

The ride home was difficult. All the energy expended caught up with me and I had trouble staying awake.

The day was not over. When I arrived home, I found two piles of grass clippings for my compost heap waiting. If I was to unload the car into the garage, there would be some effort involved.

The ducks were excited to see me and came from afar to say hello.

The compost heap has an insatiable appetite for material this time of year and two pickup trucks full of lawn clippings were absorbed into my pile. It will make a lot smaller dent in production than what it seems.

Layers of straw and grass clippings

After unloading the car, sorting through it all, and doing the camp dishes, I was wore out.

Soon however, I will be looking towards a new adventure to tell you all about.

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

41 thoughts on “Compost, Camping, Red Dots, and Dishes”

    1. Sanjana, we had a great time out there! I would like have taken more, but I was involved and did not want to break my phone.

      All is well, friend! I have been working through some health concerns, but I am getting stronger!

      How is it going in your neck of the woods?

      1. Same here. really busy with my studies. Thn work. Sometimes it can be too much. Just finished my exams for first paper and there’s 6 more to go. Good to see you getting better. Take care of your self. Lots of love and hugs from NZ💞

  1. This looks like a camping trip well done. I was a bit scared that he might have rolled over. Kids!
    And being amid nature is just a different feel and vibe.
    Lucky you!
    Great post as usual. 🙂

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