Caydon’s Tale-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 80 Brothers Campfire

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Caydon Berengar

I am Caydon son of Emerson. We are at the town of Northwich it is a nice place. My father got ownership for Northwich from the kind king of La Longi. I soon got tired of the village and I wandered into the wilderness. I had one weapon with me it was a spear my father had made for me. As I walked into the forest I noticed a red fiery creature. It jumped out of its hiding place, that is when I grabbed my spear and hit it in with the blunt end on the head it fell back and said “mercy” in its cracked tiny voice. I grabbed it and I put it in my sack. I walked back to Northwich with my little captive. It cried and said it would be a nice little guy. I ignored him because he was being annoying. Soon it was screaming in its crackled voice. Soon I stopped on the road and pulled him out of the bag and I noticed he was smaller than the pequin that my father had brought in for his dorky armour. I then noticed it was a baby pequin it cried and cried tears of fire. I was soon at the village with my new friend who was no longer crying. He was also running up ahead to see the people. He was kind to them and he even hugged one of them. He was my new pet, I showed it to Hannah  and she said you can get along with pequin but you had to mentor them.Then I went to father to show him.

Author: Urijah


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