Brothers Campfire Books, Cooks, Clothes and the Valentine’s Loosearch


Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here! Life is what you make it, and as the chief Storyteller of this outfit, stay around and I will spin you a tale of the mundane made exquisite!

Twice Sunday, I attend church services. I don’t play when it comes to worship and listening to the Word.

I have been on a diet, and skipping important aspects of the day like breakfast makes me a little hard to work with. It has been defined as angry and hungry, otherwise known as “Hangry”

Well, after Sunday morning church, the lady God gave me pulled an apple out of her purse and I did eat.

Me, 20 pounds lighter

My daughter has not been helpful and drew this picture of a penguin with ice cream. Life counting calories is a journey.

She is getting good!

Sunday church was awesome and no one discovered that I had consumed forbidden fruit outside of my eating timeline. ……

Monday brought the responsibilities of washing the dishes,

and paying for parking in downtown Colorado Springs, a place that seems to be dying.

It is close to Valentine’s Day and we elected to celebrate a week early to avoid the reservations. It was early, and we decided to walk around.

Let me give you a pro tip. If you ever go to downtown Springs, use the restroom first. There is nowhere to go. Even the porta potties are locked.

This was a date, so I held my coffee like a champ, soldiering on.

Hand on hand, we went to a bookstore. I would have given them a rave review, but the owner was pretentious and condescending, irritated at my photography. I ignored him and enjoyed my visit. I was on a date and quoting the words of Ashton, he can eat a rotten otter. They had no public restroom either.


We waltzed on down to the Skirted Heifer for one of their famous burgers to find they are closed Mondays. Apparently, most downtown restaurants are closed on Monday.

Not one to waste a fiver on parking, we took a peek at a few shops.

My wife could tell I had to go, but I resolved to stick it out. She is so sweet.

I was turned down again, tempted to actually purchase something for a shot at a stall.

One could market such signs to downtown Colorado Springs and never have to work again.

I sat down and waited. It was all I could do. As my wife looked through the curiosities of the boutique style shops, I daydreamed about pirates, Kraken, and the rolling sea.

Abruptly, I was made aware it is illegal to sit down in some areas. When will I ever learn?

We got our monies worth from the meter and we embarked on new adventures. The first priority was finding a gas station that was people-friendly outside of the downtown corridor. I started my day all wrong.

We had a backup plan in case something went wrong downtown and we drove to Old Colorado City to a Nepalese restaurant. It reopened on Tuesday as well. Oops!

So, we drove around a bit and got hungrier and hungrier. We were bordering on just going home until we saw On The Border. It was opened!!!! We ordered burritos and the service was excellent!

We had a little time before picking up our children from school so we stopped by the Goodwill. I found this gem of a coffee cup. Hand crafted pottery is the best!

My wife also found a homemade floral jumper dress made of corduroy. We did an impromptu photoshoot.

We had a blast. It was an adventure worthy of Valentine’s day for us.

Well that’s all I have. Does anyone wish to share their plans for Valentine’s day?

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

61 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Books, Cooks, Clothes and the Valentine’s Loosearch

  1. herbthiel says:

    Very good idea, doing the Valentine’s Day this week. That bookstore owner is always like that. He only stays in business because his store really is all that and a can of Pringles. He has the personality of a prune pit. Or you smelled like a conservative.
    Yes, the downtown merchants always whine and complain that nobody patronizes them any more but in the same breath they don’t make it easy.
    On the Border is good. Especially if you’re with the right people.

    1. Benjamin says:

      They do not make it easy. 5 dollars give or take to walk without worry, snobbish business owners, most doors locked, some requiring an ID to be shown, no public restrooms… The list goes on.

      On the Border has amazing portion sizes!

  2. Beverly says:

    Nephew, glad you celebrated early, but so sorry about the experience downtown. We need a Park Service there as soon as it warms up!! I have never been to On The Border, but will now go soon! 🌮 🌯

    1. Benjamin says:

      Park Services would bring a great deal of value to the area. Perhaps it would experience a revival and renewal of Spirit.

  3. S.D. McKinley says:

    Valentines is upon us! Yes another holiday to shake the makers. Looks like you are making a good time of it all, brother. I especially enjoyed the Mr. Rodgers coffee cup and the “set it down anywhere” image. Ha, ha. Good stuff and what a prize to see your daughter draw so well. Cheers.

  4. Jasmine Rose says:

    Congratulations on your weight loss! That’s a great achievement!
    Also, I love your wife’s dress, she did a great job!! 😍😍

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you, Jasmine. I am at the halfway point. I am incorporating cheat days so I maintain a healthy relationship with my food. I do not wish to have bad habits, and I love good food! My wife is a reseller of clothing amd ahi is pretty good at aquiring gems like the one in the picture!

      1. Jasmine Rose says:

        You’re welcome! Ooh that’s great! Yes, cheat days are so important when maintaining a healthy relationship with food! I LOVE food too!!!!!!!! 😂

        1. Benjamin says:

          Me as well. Counting calories, I can fit in my favorite junk food here and there.

  5. kagould17 says:

    We have always done Valentine’s Day on an off day. Love does not require just one special day. Looks like Covid restrictions gave you new challenges, but you rolled with them and had fun anyway. Congrats. Stay well. Allan

  6. Paquerite says:

    I have a big problem with Valentine’s Day …
    It’s my mother’s birthday, who has spent her life psychologically abusing me. I haven’t seen her for 8 years, it’s painful but necessary, she is toxic.
    So like every year this day is very special for me, it’s a no-party day…
    I kiss you and still long live Valentine’s Day and lovers;)

  7. Ashley F Lintner says:

    Lol Valentine’s Day. Well no 0pans really. No valentine of mine to plan anything with. However I believe I got to spend some time with the Family which should be fun.

  8. Sheila D.Currie Blake says:

    thanks for sharing. as for me valentines day (God willing) will be my birthday. I plan to stay home and relax (with all the virus going around). being healthy and safe beats anything else. God is good.

  9. Mr. Ohh's Sideways View says:

    Great story But now I have a problem. I want to go to On The border and it’s 1400 miles away. You have destroyed me. Oh well I will recover with my lovely on Sunday Glad you had a good time

    Live Love Laugh

    1. Benjamin says:

      Ha ha! It may be worth the trip! I will build you a wonderful Campfire if you decide to drop by!

  10. Omatra7 says:

    I did that with daughter today with music laughter food and cookies together❤️

    Tmrw I work ✌️I be in silence maybe?

    Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️✌️

  11. achme24gmailcom says:

    All I got…I told everybody happy Valentine’s day that I saw. Or tried to.

          1. Benjamin says:

            Absolutely! Well, wish me a good trip, I am about to go on a crazy hike!

          2. rebecca s revels says:

            Absolutely! I would love to do the same here but the weather looks too much like rain. Enjoy your hike.

          3. rebecca s revels says:

            I do too usually, but we’ve had so much the world is a bit soggy. Now, if it were just a bit warmer, there would be no problem as I enjoy the feel of walking in the rain on a warm day.

    1. Benjamin says:

      You, Friend, are missing out! When you choose to visit, let us know! We would love to show you around!!🤠☕🔥


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