Brothers Campfire Ahu -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 40

Artists Depiction Of An Ahu

I am Beast. 

  I am cold. My hair is mostly gone.

           The Heron sold it to Penelope. Beast am very confused. I am Beast. Beast is often confused.

Shepherd Crook Man different man than last time Beast saw.

        Beast talked with Shepherd Crook Man. He says it’s good my hair was taken off. He says red bugs eat Beast. He called them ahu. 

“They are not Ahusaka”  I said. 

      Shepherd Crook Man says watch for red bugs. 

        They make me not think good. He says baths good. Beast am cold in the water. The water is not hot.

Moon is getting smaller now. Beast am happy.

Beast am happy I get rid of ahu. 

Beast did not know they make me mad. 

        Shepherd Crook Man

 says they torment me. Take them off he says.

      Beast am living near old house now. Beast.  sleep outside. It is cold with just clothes. They say it will grow back. 

          Beast smell Pequin. Beast like to eat Pequin.      Beast hope they don’t run out. Tasty red meat. 

Brother is kind. He tells.   me he brings his. family.

      His wife makes yummy food. Beast like Brother’s wife. 

Beast want to see friend Wispy.          Beast am happy that I have no ahu on me. I will check every day like Shepherd Crook man says.        Beast will tell Wispy good news. 

Bard is good singer.       He wants me to sing too. That is funny day to hear Beast Sing.

        Bard says he goes to Puking. That is gross. 

Who would do this. 

Ok. Beast happy

 Beast goes for walk. 

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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