A Curmudgeon Comes To Camp

Hello Friends!

Herb Thiel writes a little about curmudgeonly type activity. A curmudgeon is a bad tempered person, particularly an older one. Well, today, it is my turn. 

Feeling The Curmudgeon… Gather Round and I will tell you a story.

Last week, well, ugh. 

I had minimal muscle soreness from the long hike the other day, but it feels like my entire body was jostled by it all just enough to feel unsettled. Even the slightest chill, say from an air conditioner made me shiver and it has been hard to get out of bed. 

I love being outside and pushing my limits and I don’t regret the walk, but oh my, that took a lot out of me all around!

To top things off, local legend Shawn Erchinger brought a medeival torture device over and told me to harm myself with it. 

Ignore the plug. It IS Medeival

Later, after avioding the torture session, I was released and sent  to work with the incarcerated. Feeling sorry for myself, I purchased a can of cherry coke. I placed it in the storage area in between the front seats of my car for later.

Ahh. Refreshing

After work,  I went to church and did not see my family.  

Upon my return home, I discovered from my family that the toilet was broken and there was water everywhere. They had turned off the water main and tried to sop up all the mess. 

Yeah, we ran out of towels.

While I am not super handy, I took a look.

I found that a hose broke on a toilet and sprayed gallons of water everywhere. O turned off the source and turned on the water main.

Later, an 11 year veteran of life replaced this piece for us.

Missed Church Over 6 Dollar Part. Boo!!!!

That was Wednesday.

Speaking of toilets, Thursday was wretched. On my way home from work, I frequently stop at the gas station at Penrose, Colorado.

I call it the Party at Penrose, another story altogether. ( Dare me and I will tell!)

The store manager smugly sent me away stating that the restroom was out of order. It was a Very long drive home.

Friday, I stopped again. I went before I left so I did not necessarily have to go.

Good thing too. Yuck.

Don’t Zoom In.

Saturday was better, until about 7 in the morning. Squirrels were eating my sunflowers!

A blurry photo of the thief

Hoping for a better day, I pulled my Garmin out to find directions to a hike near Boulder, Colorado.

Unfortunately, the Cherry Coke I forgot about earlier overheated and exploded all over it.

Broken! It had a sticky residue all over it.

Now, I would love to tell you about my job assignment last week, but that was an adventure all on it’s own.

Sunday was all good. After church everything felt better.

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

51 thoughts on “A Curmudgeon Comes To Camp”

  1. That sounds horrible missing church over that!!!
    I would have cried about missing church!😰😭
    That bathroom looks quite gross.😷
    Cool blog!😜

  2. Mom says you look like Uncle Niles and maybe Uncle Wayne. She’s feeling curmudgeonly, too. All of her devices seem to be going whacko at the same time. I’m glad you had an 11 year veteran around to fix that part. He sounds like a good egg.

  3. I TRIPLE dog dare you!!

    Sorry to hear about the soda explosion. From what I’m hearing, you can try again Wed and have one explode by freezing.

    I hope you’re feeling better after your walk. It seems likely that I’m gonna have to scrape up funds to see the knee doc… 2 wks and I still can’t walk, stand, sit, lay, move without intense pain.

  4. Sorry, nephew. Been there, done that. So grateful that, like you, I was in a church service during that difficult season that helped dissolve every challenging moment, up until that service, away!!! Way to hang in, push through…👏

  5. That was quite a day! I’ve had many days like that. Praying the Lord blesses you with many good days to wash it away. Hope the smoke has died down since the snow. God bless!

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