Brothers Campfire A Caffeine Driven Poem -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 139

Good day friends!

Too much caffeine has me up way too late.

Fired up about haters can’t let it skate.
I was with a circle, wouldn’t you know it,
Thought they were men, made fun of poets.

I put them in place and busted a line,
Said do something about it, your time or mine.

You see, I like

Writing stories on epic scale,
Drawing up maps, checking email

No, Not Sea Mail!

Responding to friends, and acquaintance,
I am learning it all to be high maintenance.

Wake up early make a pot of coffee,

Fingers keep typing, no one can stop me.

I write every day, get into practice,
Pushing the reps all to their maxes.

Life in La Longi all vim and vigor,
Drama unfolds, crossbow pull trigger.
A fight against fear, Nicholas spear,


Real hope and change, let me be clear.

Bard Beast and Brother, exclusive to self,

Want fuddy duddy, try Keebler Elf.

Not Fuddy Duddy And Not Keebler Elves

Emerson, Jeptha, Galvin, Watchman Wayne,
Standing united, make La Longi great again.

No matter the color, race, or creed,
We have freedom from fear in your time of need.
Ring from bell tower and highest church steeple,
We here in Northwich shout, “We The People!”

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...