A Brother’s Campfire Trip 04/27/2020

Hello Friends!

Thank you for the kind words and support for Delilah Eyela recently! When a duck’s head is down, it is signaling aggressive behavior to other waterfowl. She is adjusting to the shirt and it seems to assist in keeping her upright. Tomorrow, I plan to weigh it down a little so she has to work new muscles. I hope it works!

She hardly ever gets this close to the other birds.

After taking care of my little friends, I got online to see if the Crags Trailhead was open as we are quite stir crazy! Everything was a go!

After An Epic Breakfast quite like a recent one I featured, we were on the road!

Home Grown Egg, Free Bread!

The Colorado Rockies are gorgeous this time of year and today was no exception!

In the picture above, the snow capped mountain is Pike’s Peak. The line in the mountain is a mile of steps called the Incline. Both are tough hikes that require a measure of fitness. I have climbed Pike’s Peak twice and the Incline on numerous occasions.

On our arrival to the Crags Trail, which is on the other side of Pike’s Peak, we found that the trail is open, but the road to get there was closed!

The Crew at Brothers Campfire were undettered and we pressed on anyway!

After about half a mile, we discovered that there was too much snow for our level of preparation. It is not always about climbing up or even staying warm. Sometimes the danger is walking back down. Due to a few inexperienced members in our group, we turned back. It just was not worth it.

It’s almost May!

On our way back down, we took a few photos of eachother, but most of my team is camera shy online.

You will see in the photo below that there is no snow. It is directly opposite to the picture above. That is the impact the sun has on the environment here.

It may be a contributing factor as to why they say I am a little half baked. I’m not sure what that means exactly.

Look By “Beloved”

With a change of plans, we hopped into the car and decided to check out a forested area that Herb Thiel, my father and my son had been to several years ago.

Yes, it is very dry!

We had lunch there and my son led us nearly a quarter mile into the forest. He was nimble and sure footed, hard to keep up with. His sense of space and distance proved true and he showed us where they had carved their names several years prior.

I suppose the statute of limitations is over. I stick to dead trees for this.

As you can see, there is snow still in the shaded areas of the forest.

I am trying to instill good values in my children by leaving the forest better than I had found it and in some ways I fail.

Today, I fed the local wildlife. I will try to avoid it in the future!

We left this portion of forest and drove to a little town named Guffey.

30 years ago they refused to let my grandmother use the restroom because she was from Wisconsin. They were more than happy to take our money if I remember correctly.

Guffey, Colorado is tiny and well known for a Triple Homicide that had been thought to have originated from a cult.

It has been a while for both instances and I wanted to put my best foot forward.

Nope. Too creepy. We engaged in social distancing.

With a name like that in this quaint setting, I did not wish to expose my family to any drama.
Old Cars and a Broken Down Hearse are at the entrance of the town
(we are leaving town at this point)

On our way home, we drove through ranch land and saw a bunch of cows,

A Llama farm,

And several deer! This one posed for me it would seem!

The adventure was not quite over! We topped the day off by consuming large quantities of ice cream!

Well, thanks for reading about our adventure! I hope you have a beautiful week!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

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          1. As to the question “What did the cow hear?”,

            Don’t know about the american cows, but some people in India have a belief that the cow is a messenger and if you whisper your wishes in its ear, they will be solved.
            So some cows must have quite some substance for gossip!

          2. Maybe next time I meet one on the street, I will ask if it can share something!

            Oh, and as I type this, there is a cow mooing outside. 🙂😃

          3. I have seen cows with a slight purple shade.
            But when I search purple cow, it shows unrealistically purple coloured cows. I am sure they don’t exist.
            If they do, well they seem pretty.

          4. I just checked.

            There are no purple cows.

            But 1 was born long back in Serbia.

            Other than that, I could learn that it is a concept of marketing by Seth Godin

          5. You two are so funny! 😅. The fruit does not fall far from the tree. Lol

            What a creative and fun “partial” Thiel (Tiel) Tribe outing!

          1. Hmm..

            I never knew Buddhists converted to other faiths.
            I have heard of many converting to buddhism though.

            They are quite common in India.
            Afterall, Buddhism originated in India.

          2. I wouldn’t imagine them to be.

            I believe converts from christianity to other religions are rare, though I can think of some famous ones.
            Most people of faiths other than christianity would be migrants.
            Most Monks wouldn’t migrate to US, I believe they would prefer the (dying) peace of the orient.
            I hear that Hindus are known as Hare Krishnas by some in the US?
            That is strange. 🙂
            Hare Krishna is just a chant.

          3. Maybe that refers to Swami PrabhuPadas growing influence over the world. That is an organisation named ISKCON.(International Society for Krishna Consciousness)

            Did you know Mr. Ford funds the movement. He is said to have converted to Hinduism upon looking at the Swami.

            That makes me want to learn more about him.

          4. Hmm…
            I do know what ISKCON is.
            They have quite a presence in India, obviously. They even run schools and stuff.

            I was asking about the movement in US. But Thank you for the insight!

          5. I am telling you what a lot of people in the US think of when someone is called Hare Krishna. That is what those links are for. One of the main leaders was from the US. I feel I answered your question about a movement. Did I miss something?

  1. I enjoyed hearing about your trip, what amazing scenery you have over there. Stay safe. Sorry that wordpress will not allow me to like your post 🙁

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