When the Yum Yum’s become the Yuck Yuck’s…

Hello, Matt Snyder here!

This true to life comic is based on an experience I had recently. My wife & I visited her BFF who runs a comfort food cafe/bakery. Unfortunately she had candy out on display that was either made with expired cream cheese or should have been kept refrigerated. Her business has been booming as of late, so I hope this was a one off experience and as awful as it was I’m glad I experienced it as opposed to a stranger who may have not been as kind as I was to alert her to potential food poisoning.



Author: mattsnyder1970

8 thoughts on “When the Yum Yum’s become the Yuck Yuck’s…

    1. mattsnyder1970 says:

      Thanks…there are other things wrong with the cafe but hey..not my place to say anything. I’d rather she learn the hard way from a total stranger.


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